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Anne Frank- Act I review sheet
Format- Matching, Fill in, Quotes (speaker & spoken to,) Multiple choice, & True/False
**Remember the text is available on the class website!**
1. Consider the words and actions of the following characters; characterize them: Anne, Mr. Frank, Mrs.
Frank, Margot, Meip, Mr. Kraler, Dussel, Mr. Van Daan, Mrs. Van Daan, Peter , Mouschi (This should help
you particularly with the quote section).
2. What is the setting of scene 1- describe it thoroughly.
3. What does Mr. Frank find there at the beginning of the scene? Describe its significance.
4. Explain Mr. Frank’s attitude in scene 1. How does it differ from the rest of Act I?
5. What does Meip give Mr. Frank?
6. How does Mr. Frank react to what Meip has found?
7. When does Anne’s diary begin? What does Anne talk about in her first entry?
8. What is the setting for scene 2? How is it different from scene 1?
9. Why is Mrs. Van Daan so nervous?
10. Explain the circumstances around the late arrival of the Franks.
11. How did they get all of their possessions to the attic?
12. What is one every article of clothing they own?
13. What is ironic about Mrs. Frank’s comments about the ration books?
14. How will the Van Daans and Franks get everything they need while in hiding?
15. What are the rules while in hiding?
15. While Mr. Frank is explaining the rules, what happens? How does everyone react?
16. What are the sleeping arrangements? When and why do these change?
17. Why are the Van Daans staying with the Franks?
18. Do Anne and Peter know each other before they arrive in the attic? Explain their first interaction.
19. What does the Star of David symbolize for each of them?
20. How did the Franks leave their home? How did they throw anyone looking for them off their trail?
21. How do we know that they have been wearing their stars of David for a really long time?
22. What does Mr. Frank give Anne? How does she react?
23What makes Anne start to realize the severity of the situation?
24. What does Mr. Frank mean when he tells Anne there are not walls , bolts, or locks that anyone can
put on her mind?
25. What would happen to Mr. Kraler and Meip if they are caught helping Jews?
26. Explain the interaction between Anne and her mother, as described in her diary?
27. How much time has passed from scene 2 to scene 3? What is the setting of scene3?
28. What are the members of the “family” doing as the scene begins?
29. Explain the interaction between Anne and Peter? Why is this significant to the development of
Peter’s character?
30. Explain the argument between Anne and her mother?
31. Why does Mr. Frank think Anne has a fever?
32. How do Peter and Mr. Van Daan react to Mrs. Van Daan’s story?
33. How does Anne add humor to this scene?
34. Explain the interaction between Mr. Van Daan and Peter.
35. What is the real reason Mr. Van Daan & Mrs. Van Daan argue?
36. Anne’s innocence is taken as rudeness by Mr. Van Daan, how does Mrs. Frank break the tension?
37. Explain the argument between Mr. Van Daan and Anne.
38. Why does Mrs. Van Daan’s attitude toward Anne suddenly change?
39. What does Mrs. Frank reveal to Margot as they prepare dinner?
40. How is Mr. Kraler’s visit different than usual?
41. How does Mr. Frank react to his request? Why?
42. What is Mr. Van Daan’s chief concern? How does Peter react to this? Why?
43. What news does Dussel share about the Franks? What other news does he share?
44. Why is Dussel not concerns about the lack of food? How is this different from what Kraler says? Why
does he tell it differently?
45. Why was Dussel so flustered upon his arrival?
46. Compare Dussel’s and Anne’s first interaction to that describe in her diary entry.
47. What is the setting of scene 4? Who is awake as it begins?
48. What wakes everyone up?
49. How does Dussel react? Why does he react this way?
50. Explain the interaction between Anne and her mother. Explain how Mrs. Frank feels. How do we
know this?
51. Who comforts Mrs. Frank?
52. What does Anne reveal during her conversation with her father? How is Anne acting?
53. What gives the habitants hope at the end of the scene? Explain.
54. What is the setting of scene 5? What is happening as the scene opens?
55. Why is Dussel confused? Explain how the Van Daans react to his confusion.
56. How is the Hanukkah different from others? How does Anne fix this- Explain.
57. What does Peter do to get back at Dussel for his comments? How does everyone react?
58. What happens that causes everyone to be brought to reality and freeze?
59. What happens to Peter when Mr. Frank motions for him to turn out the light?
60. How do Dussel, Mrs. Frank, Anne, Mrs. Van Daan, and Mr. Frank react to this?
61. Who was downstairs?
62. Why does Mr. Frank tell Dussel to “be still”?
63. Who defends Peter?
64. How does Mr. Frank put everyone’s fears in perspective?
65. How does each scene, except the last, end?
66. Which characters are foils- explain these.