Lesson Plans October 25

Lesson Plans Week of October 25, 2015
Students are continuing their reading of “The Odyssey” Part I. On Monday, we continue with “The Land
of the Dead” on page 1064 in the text. The teacher found an audiotape version of the Fitzgerald
translation, which is what we are using, on YouTube, and the reader of the audio version has also taped
the visual version of the book. This has been very helpful in understanding. Dr. D.C. stops the
audio/visual text every once in awhile in order to help the students summarize what is happening in
personal notes they are keeping in chronological order of the text given in the textbook. This helps
students with annotation skills. Unfamiliar words are also reiterated. Students have already taken a test
on vocabulary and background information, but as part of scaffolding, Dr. D.C. continues to point, show,
and see if students remember in impromptu oral discussions during these pauses in the audio/visual
At the end of Monday and the beginning of Tuesday, students will work on the Critical Reading
Questions on page 1069 in the text in pairs.
They will turn this in for a grade, and then we will discuss it as a class on Wednesday.
Reading will continue after the class discussion. By the end of the week, we should be complete with
Part I of the poem, including “The Sirens,” “Scylla and Charybdis,” and “The Cattle of the Sun God.”
Students will continue their notes as outlined above.
These notes will be taken up and graded for completion/accuracy.
Students will also be graded on a map they complete of Odysseus’s journey, and on a set of critical
thinking questions on page 1082, which we will do in pairs, and discuss as a class.
Students can expect a test over Part I that is PARCC-like by the beginning of next week.
Common Core Standards covered are found on page 1040 of teacher textbook.
AP Language (3rd period)
Students will continue to analyze the terms they do not know from The Scarlet Letter AP test. These will
be compared and combined with their peers within the classroom, and also compared to the list of
terms given to them on Edmodo by Dr. D.C. – Academic vocabulary analysis
Based on this analysis, students will be given yet another set of vocabulary terms to know for weekly
tests. They have already been test on five sets of words once, but I continue to add words they do not
know, so that I can “up” this with contextual analysis of rhetoric by the second semester.
Students will read chapters 1-13 of The Awakening by October 30.
Students will take a quiz on these chapters on October 30.
Students will turn in two AP-like Multiple Choice questions per chapter read on October 30 that they
have written. This is based on analysis of given multiple choice questions on their Edmodo page.
Students will take quiz number 7 of the SAT vocabulary words on Tuesday.
Students will be introduced to the DRQ question for the AP Exam with a teacher lecture and student
analysis of the question. An example is on Edmodo. Loaded by the teacher, Dr. D.C.
Students will peer evaluate their “Sinners” essays that they wrote last week prior to Dr. D.C.’s feedback
in writing.
AP Literature (4th period)
Students are taking a quiz over Fahrenheit 451 List 1 vocabulary/spelling and also on literary devices
between oxymoron and prolepsis on their pre-loaded vocab lists. (Dr. D.C.’s Edmodo)
Dr. D.C. will lead a discussion over literary, Biblical, and classical allusions found in Part I of the
Fahrenheit text on Monday.
Students are reading Fahrenheit 451 and “Happy Endings,” “Cask of Amontillado,” “Hills Like White
Elephants,” and “Bartleby the Scrivener” in class with sets of analysis questions for each reading.
(Loaded on Edmodo by Dr. D.C.)
Upon completion of these questions, the students will have several days of classroom discussions about
the questions in order to determine an appropriate thesis for their own college essays regarding
narratives, suspense, pacing, and a narrator whom may not be trusted. Oh, Halloween!
Meanwhile, Fahrenheit reading continues….and will be test with AP-like essay and M/C tests.
Lesson plans are fluid due to superlative field trip and early release, but we are working hard.
Challenging work.
Please call or email with questions.