Lab Report

Matthew Landrum
Prof. Colin Lank
ESS 243-Principles of Fitness
Lab Report #2
March 19, 2010
Cardiorespiratory fitness is considered health-related because (a) low levels of
cardiorespiratory fitness have been associated with a markedly increased risk of
premature death from all causes and specifically from cardiovascular disease, (b)
increases in cardiorespiratory fitness are associated with a reduction in death from all
causes, and (c) high levels of cardiorespiratory fitness are associated with higher levels of
habitual physical activity, which are, in turn, associated with many health benefits. The
purpose of Cardio Testing is to check a person’s physical fitness by the testing of their
heart and lung endurance; which is the direct measurement of oxygen uptake during
maximal exercise. Also by testing someone’s cardio it might open his or her eyes about
exercising more and eating right. The test that was given was the one-mile run that is
four laps around the track to get the runner heart rate up. Their heart rate was taken
before and after the run. My runner did the run in 7:07.
Body weight
VO2Max Results
METs are a measure of energy output to the basal metabolic rate of a resting subject;
assumed to equal to an oxygen uptake of 3.5 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per
minute, or approximately 1 kilocalorie per kilogram of body weight per hour.
An increase in heart rate with exercise can be caused by a lot of things. Pre-
exercise heart rate may be elevated, owing to the anticipatory response. The increase in
physical activity, and during a graded exercise test, heart rate will increase in direct
proportion to the intensity of the exercise.
I can tell by my persons resting heart rate that she is in good physical shape. I
know this because an average rate of a resting person is in the range of 60 to 80 beats per
minute. If her RHR were lower than 60 that would show that she was more physically
active if it was higher that would indicate that she was at risk for heart disease. Her
resting heart rate is at a rather low level of 69 beats per minute.
I feel like the one mile test is a good way of testing one’s VO2Max, but it would
be more accurate in a lab sitting. But this test would be very easy to give to a group of
students to maybe motivate them to be more active.
By using the calculated VO2Max in the lab is more accurate than just guessing
pretty much. The VO2Max Result tells us the actual amount of oxygen that is taken in
during exercising.
What I have drawn about my client’s cardiorespiratory health is that she is in the
higher level of physical fitness. And if she keeps herself at this level throughout most of
her life she will live a long and healthy life.