The Sounds of Poetry p. 537
CCRS – W.9-10.4, W.9-10.10, RL.9-10-10, SL.910.1, L.9-10.1, L.9-10.2, L.9-10.5, L.9-10.6
Literary Skills –Understand rhythm and meter;
Understand rhyme; Understand the
characteristics of ballads
The Sounds of Poetry
Ballad (p. 539) – a song that tells a
story, often a story about love,
death, or betrayal
Refrain – a phrase or a stanza that
is repeated throughout the work,
usually at the end of the verse
The Sounds of Poetry
Folk Ballads – were composed by
unknown singers and passed along
orally for many years before being
written down.
Literary Ballads – written in
imitation of the old ballads.
Quickwrite (p. 537)
Is there something in your family
that you would like to inherit? It
could be something material, like a
picture. It could also be a wonderful
quality or talent – like the ability to
play the piano. What would you like
to inherit, from whom, and why?
“The Courage That My Mother Had”
(p. 537)
What does the speaker want to inherit?
What does she inherit?
Identify the rhyme scheme of the poem.
Find an example of metaphor.
Find an example of simile.
“Ballad of Birmingham” (p. 540)
What actual event is the poem
based upon?
What is the irony in the poem?
Read the informational text on page 542
P. 538 questions 1-7
P. 543 questions 1-8
P. 543 Writing – Poetry and History
Create a chart comparing the poem
with the historical account (see chart p.
Page 545 Read poem
Page 547 Questions 1-9