ALE #1 for BOT 101 Name_______________________________

ALE #1 for BOT 101
1. What features distinguish plants from non-living things?
2. Outline the hierarchical levels of biological organization, from atoms to the biospehere.
3. Give a brief description of the 4 kingdoms within Domain Eukarya
4. Distinguish between and explain how scientists use each of the following: i.) scientific
theory, ii.) Hypothesis and iii.) Scientific law. Now explain how the common person
uses the word ‘theory” in every day usage.
5. Often if a person can visualize a concept they will understand and remember the concept. Here
are some terms that are used regularly in chemistry and are important to understand clearly.
Create a diagram (or diagrams) that would help someone understand what is meant by the
following terms: matter, atoms, elements, chemical bonds, molecules, and compounds.
6. Atoms consist primarily of three kinds of subatomic particles. Identify and describe particles by
completing the chart below.
Name of subatomic particle
Electric charge
7. Distinguish between the following kinds of chemical bonds: covalent bond, hydrogen bonds, and
ionic bonds, giving an example of each.
8. List the four life-supporting properties of water that result from the tendency of water
molecules to form hydrogen bonds. Discuss how each of these properties is important to life.
From your reading: What is taxol, what is it used for, and where does it come from?
10. During the past 50 or so years that insecticides have been widely used, more than 520 species of
insects and mites have evolved resistance to certain insecticides. Explain this using your
knowledge of evolution and natural selection.