Technology Vocabulary

Technology Vocabulary
• Information processing cycle – input, process,
output, and storage. These operations change
data into information and store it for future
• Data – a collection of unprocessed items,
which can include text, numbers, images,
audio, and video.
• Information – conveys meaning and is useful to
one or more people.
Technology Vocabulary
• Mouse – device that fits comfortably under the
palm of your hand and controls the movement of
the mouse pointer on the screen.
• Computer – an electronic device that receives,
processes, and stores data, and produces a result.
• Input device – any hardware component that
allows you to enter data, programs, commands,
and user responses into the computer.
Technology Vocabulary
• Keyboard – an input device that contains keys you
press to enter data into the computer.
• CPU – Central processing unit, interprets and
carries out the basic instruction that operate a
• RAM – random access memory; temporarily stores
instructions waiting to be executed by the
Technology Vocabulary
• Byte – a memory location; usually stores
one character such as the letter A.
• Kilobyte – equals approximately 1,000
memory location.
• Megabyte – equals approximately one
million memory locations.
Technology Vocabulary
• Gigabyte – equals approximately one
billion memory locations.
• Output devices – makes the information
resulting from processing available for use.
• Monitor – a display device that is packaged
as a separate unit.
Technology Vocabulary
• Storage device – used to store instructions, data,
and information when they are not being used in
• Formatting – the process of dividing the disk into
tracks and sectors.
• Hard disk - also called a hard drive, is a storage
device that contains one or more inflexible,
circular platters that magnetically store data,
instructions, and information.
Technology Vocabulary
• System software - consists of programs to control
the operations of computer equipment.
• Operating software – instructions that tell the
computer how to perform the functions of
loading, storing, and executing an application
program and how to transfer data.
• Application software – consists of programs
designed to make users more productive and/or
assist them with personal tasks.
Technology Vocabulary
• Network – a collection of computers and devices
connected together, often wirelessly, via
communication devices and transmission media.
• Hardware – the physical devices that make up a
computer system.
• Peripheral – an electronic device connected by cable
to the CPU of the computer.
• Technology – the use of science to solve practical