WWII Notes - Alvin ISD

Omar Bradley
Dwight Eisenhower
Douglas MacArthur
Chester Nimitz
George Marshall
George Patton
Vernon Baker
Tuskegee Airmen
Flying Tigers
Navajo Code Talkers
Harry Truman
Winston Churchill
General that led the largest amphibious
operation with the storming of the allied forces
at the Beaches of Normandy
Commanding General of the invasion in France.
Began the invasion by landing on five beaches.
Most famous the Beaches of Normandy and
Omaha beach
Supreme General of the forces in the Pacific.
Responsible for the capture of Iowa Jima and
Okinawa. Led the island hopping campaign
Commander in Chief of the Pacific fleet after
Pearl Harbor and commanded forces at the Battle
of Midway
Chief of Staff that helped oversee the creation of
the atomic bomb
An unconventional Commander of the forces in
North Africa and Sicily, served under John J.
Pershing in WWI. He played an important role in
the use of tanks in battle. Had killer instincts
The first African American soldier to see combat
in the war
African American Fighter pilots in the Air Corps.
Their main job was to provide escorts for pilots
on bombing missions
A group of volunteer American fighters that
fought against the Japanese prior to Pearl
Harbor. Their goal was to prevent China from
falling to Fascist Japan
A group of Natives that wrote codes in the
Navajo language to make undecipherable codes
of communication because it is unwritten and
complex. Americans were able to transmit
messages by telephone and radio in a code
Japanese were unable to read
President after FDR decided to use the Atomic
bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to help save
further American casualties
The Prime Minister of England who was
responsible for leading Britain during WWII and
the fight against the Axis powers