Literacy Classroom News – Week of Oct 12

Literacy Classroom News – Week of Oct 12-16
Mrs. R. Balsamo
Notes and Reminders
Pop’s Bridge/ Big Bridges Lesson 4 Vocabulary: crew, tide, cling,
balancing, foggy, disappears, stretch, excitement
Phonics: long o words spelled oa, ow
Recognizing base words with endings (s,es,ing,ed) (vocabulary
Comprehension Skill/Strategy: Venn Diagram (compare/contrast)
Genre: Historical Fiction
Wordly Wise Vocabulary Lesson 3 Words: ambition, auction, coast,
current, trail, intelligent, novel, resident, starve, volunteer
Excellent site for home practice of Wordly Wise words Lesson 3:
Charlotte’s Web Novel study begins
Lesson 4: Recognizing nouns: common and proper nouns
Base words and endings: s, es, ing, ed
Writing Project: Compare/Contrast Creative Writing Assignment
Lesson 4 Long o words (oa, ow) Words: load, open, told, yellow,
soak, shadow, foam, follow, glow, sold, window, coach, almost,
throat, cold, most, tomorrow, sailboats
Spelling City website:
Spelling: Test- Lesson 4 (10/15)
Wordly Wise: Lesson 3 Test (10/15)
Literacy: Lesson 4 Vocabulary, Phonics, Comprehension Test (10/16)
Language: Test-Lesson 4 Common/Proper Nouns and suffixes
(s,es,ing,ed) (10/16)
*Test folders are red and will be sent home on Wednesdays.
Parents should review work with students, initial ALL tests, and
return to school in their test folder the NEXT school day.
*Tests for Literacy will normally be on Monday, Wednesday, and
Fridays. Exceptions to this will be due to field trips, holidays, and
benchmark testing.
*Second Quarter: 2 Independent Student Reading Projects (in
*First novel study in class begins: Oct 15th (Charlotte’s Web)
*Extended Planning Day for third grade teachers: October 14th
*My email address is [email protected]
*Wordly Wise website for home review: GAME site