Thank You, Ma'm by Langston Hughes

Thank You, M’am
Langston Hughes
1. What is characterization?
The methods a writer uses to develop the
personality of a character.
2. What kind of character is Mrs.
She is a large woman who carries a big, heavy
purse. She seems brave because she is walking
home alone late at night. She is strong
physically and mentally. She is determined to
teach Roger a lesson, yet is sensitive enough not
to hurt or frighten him. She is honest to admit to
past mistakes and understanding to talk about
them. She knows what it was like to want
things. She is kind to think about the boy’s
hunger. She is poor and has few possessions.
She is generous because she shares her food
and gives away her money.
3. How would you characterize
He doesn’t have much of a family life
because no one is at home, no one to
cook. He is dishonest when he tries to
steal Mrs. Jones’ purse. He is small and
easy for Mrs. Jones to control. He is
obedient by doing what Mrs. Jones tells
him to do. He wants to be trustworthy and
doesn’t run when he can. He is grateful
and wants to say more than “Thank you.”
He is polite and says “m’am.”
4. How can you tell that Mrs. Jones
is physically strong?
When her purse is grabbed, she turns
around and kicks the boy and picks him up
by his shirt. She shakes him until his teeth
rattle. Then she is strong enough to drag
him back to her room down the street.
5. How does Mrs. Jones develop
trust in Roger?
She leaves the door to her room open so
that he could possibly run out if he
wanted to. She is showing him that she
trusts him enough to leave it open.
6. What is Roger’s main fear
throughout the selection?
He mostly fears that Mrs. Jones will turn
him in to the police.
7. How does Roger view Mrs. Jones
by the end of the story?
Roger sees her as kind and helpful. He
thanks her for helping him.
8. Why does Mrs. Jones say that
she has “done things too”?
She wants to show him that she
understands his situation.
9. Why does Roger offer to go to
the store for Mrs. Jones?
He wants to show her that he can be a
good person and be trusted.
10. Why does Mrs. Jones give
Roger the ten dollars?
She wants to show him that people can be
kind and that he can trust them.
11. Why does Roger go to Mrs.
Jones’ apartment?
Mrs. Jones is dragging him there; he
doesn’t have a choice.
12. What is a narrator?
The person who tells a story.
13. What is third-person point of
A narrator outside the story.
14. What is first-person point of
A narrator who is a character in a story.
15. From what point of view is the
story Thank You, M’am told
Third-person point of view.
16. What is the definition of slung?
Hung or thrown loosely
17. What is the definition of frail?
Lacking in strength; weak
18. What is the definition of
Bare; empty; dull or uninteresting
The End