Welcome PPT


Welcome to

Mrs. Jones’


Who is Mrs. Jones?

Born and Raised in

Irving Texas

Graduated from

MacArthur High School




Spirit Squad

Student Council

Who is Mrs. Jones?

Graduated from

Texas A&M!

Who is Mrs. Jones?

This will by my fourth year teaching.

3 years Language


One year Social


Who is Mrs. Jones’

Met Mr. Jones’ in 2009

Married Mr.

Jones’ in 2014

These are a few of my favorite things…

Classroom Expectations

Music is playing you can talk

Music isn’t playing go immediately silent!

When I’m talking you are not

Be respectful

Classroom Procedures

Bell ringer

Every morning when you come in you will pick up a bell ringer and complete it in the first 5 minutes of class.

Being Prepared

I expect you to come to class everyday with a pencil and pencil sharpener.

If by chance you are not prepared I can let you borrow a pencil but it will cost you.

Focus Poetry

We will do focus poetry for 5 minutes each day.

It is important that you do focus poetry very quickly.

Reading and Writing Workshop

We will read and write everyday.

45 minutes for reading

45 minutes for writing

It is important that you do all you work quickly and efficiently!

We have a lot to learn this year.

Turn in and Take Home

Each class has a place to turn in work and a place to receive graded work.

Make sure when you turn papers in your name is on it.

I throw away no name papers!

Missing Work

If you are missing an assignment in the grade book your name will be posted on the missing work board.

Your parents will also be notified.

Incomplete Work

You will have plenty of time to complete work in my class.

If you do not finish you will take it home with a note to your parents saying why you didn’t finish it

Classroom Storage

Each classroom has a cabinet to store the items you need for my class.

I will assign someone to pass out materials

I will assign someone to collect materials

Absent: We missed you!

If you are absent you will find the work assigned for you that day in the we missed you box

If there is nothing their ask Mrs. Jones immediately

You have one day for each absent day to complete work before it becomes “missing”


I will give you all 5 bathroom passes for the 9 weeks

You only have 5 don’t waste them

If you do not use them you can put them in a drawing to win something.

Classroom Library

We will be reading

EVERYDAY in class you must have a book to read.

We will be going to the

Library weekly to checkout books

If you forget to bring a book you can use my classroom library.


Every Friday, I will read questions, comments, concerns out of my mailbox.

You can request songs, jokes, etc

School Supplies

You need these supplies for my classroom:

2 same colored folders


(2 green, 2 purple)

1 blue brad folder

Index cards

1 composition book

1 Bottled glue (no sticks)

1 lined paper