Dimensional Analysis Day 3

Dimensional Analysis Day 3
1. The football MVP for the game ran 99 yards for a great touchdown. How many inches did he run?
2. If you brush your teeth twice a day and a toothbrush lasts for 160 brushings, then how many
toothbrushes will you need in 75 years?
3. Change 0.325 years to seconds.
4. If a “semi” is called an 18 wheeler, how many sets of tires would be needed for a fleet of 500
“semi’s”? (1set = 4tires)
5. Jules Verne wrote a book called Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Convert 20,000 leagues
to fathoms. (1 fathom =2 yards, 1 nautical mile = 6080ft, 1 league = 3 nautical miles)
A pencil is 7 inches long. What is its length in centimeters?
7. The circumference of the earth is 25 000 miles at the equator. What is the circumference in meters?
8. Convert 908 oz to kilograms
9. Convert 12.8 L to gallons
10. Convert 125 mL to quarts
11. Convert 2.89 gallons to milliliters
12. Convert 4.48 lbs to grams
13. For a pharmacist dispensing pills or capsules, it is often easier to weigh the medication to be
dispensed than to count the individual pills. IF a single antibiotic capsule weighs 0.65g, and a
pharmacist weighs out 15.6 g of capsules, how many capsules have been dispensed?
14. If a woman has a mass of 115lb, what is her mass in grams?
15. Determine the length in kilometers of a 500 mi automobile race.
16. The Statue of Liberty is 151 ft tall. Convert this height into meters.
17. Convert 5 days to seconds.
18. Convert 0.0550 mi to m.
19. Convert 0.650qt to ml
20. If an electric car is capable of going 225 km on a single charge, how many charges will it need to
travel from Seattle, Washington to San Diego, California, a distance of 1257 miles, assuming that the
trip begins with a full charge?