Vision: Possible - Texas Community College Teachers Association

Vision: Possible
Terry Stewart Mouchayleh
Director, Professional Development &
Evaluation, Austin Community College
 “Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is
--Publilius Syrus, Moral Sayings, 1st C. BC
Leading from the Middle
 Ethics in Leadership: Bill Holda
 The Challenge of Leadership: Tommy Darwin
 Orientation to the Texas Higher Education
Coordinating Board: Glenda Barron & David
How Texas Works: Beamon Floyd
How to Avoid a Lawsuit: Frank Hill
Best Use of Technology: Judy Ashcroft
Nuts & Bolts: Managing Internal & External
Constituents: Greg Williams, Steve Head, &
Anamaria Mendiola
Ethics in Leadership
 “Morality is not an issue only when problems arise.
Responsibility for individual and social welfare is part of
the institutional landscape, a daily occurrence
manifested in decision making on all levels of the college
or university and in the goals toward which the decision
making is directed. An ethical analysis that highlights the
interconnectedness of all elements in the institution--an
ethics of ethos--brings to attention the complexity of the
moral life and the subtle nature of responsibility in higher
education. “
---”The Leadership Compass. Values and Ethics in Higher
Education,” Wilcox & Ebbs
The Challenge of Leadership:
Building Flexible, Collaborative
 “Belonging to a team, in the broadest sense, is a
result of feeling part of something larger than
yourself. It has a lot to do with your
understanding of the mission or objectives of
your organization.”
 --Susan M. Heathfield, Twelve Tips for Team
The Texas Higher Education
Coordinating Board
 “Our mission is to provide the Legislature
advice and comprehensive planning
capability for higher education, to
coordinate the effective delivery of higher
education, to administer programs
efficiently, and to improve higher education
for the people of Texas.”
 --Dr. Raymund Paredes, Commissioner
How Texas Works
 “How can you look at the Texas legislature
and still believe in intelligent design?”
 --Kinky Friedman
How to Avoid a Lawsuit
Academic Freedom
Employment Law
Best Use of Technology
 Making the Decision:
Integrating pedagogy, instructional technology, and assessment
Nuts & Bolts: Managing Internal
and External Constituents
 Audience
 Purpose
 Persona
Activity #1
Write down three topics or elements of
topics from this conference which directly
apply to you in your position.
Compare in groups; discuss
Activity #2
Write down which topic areas are your
strengths and which are your weaknesses.
In group, connect with those who are
strong in your weak areas.
Activity #3
Action Plan/To Do List
Step One:_______________________
Target Completion Date:
 Step Two: _____________________
Target Completion Date:
 Step Three: ____________________
Target Completion Date: