Unit 1 Marine Science Review Sheet

Unit 1 Marine Science Review Sheet
1. Know all of the researchers and pieces of technology. Know what they are
used for and known for.
2. How much of the world is ocean?
3. Why are oceans important?
4. What is marine biology?
5. Where does knowledge of the ocean come from?
6. Who were the earliest people to record / study marine biology?
7. Who owned the HMS Beagle?
8. Why was the Alvin so important?
9. What was the first marine science laboratory? Who started it?
10.What is the scientific method?
11.What are the four branches of oceanography and describe each one?
12.Why would early civilizations want and need to interact with the ocean?
List at least five reasons why.
13. Describe the function of the various types of oceanographic equipment.
14. The Alvin is an instrumental piece of Marine technology. Who created the
Alvin, why is it so important, and what are its contributions to history and
current marine research?
15. The Challenger Expedition was instrumental in starting the study of Marine
Science. Describe and explain its seven major contributions. Also include
who the Chief Scientist aboard the HMS Challenger was.
16. The oceans contributions to the world are great. Describe in detail the five
areas in which the ocean provides for the world and why they are