While reading this amazing novel,
there are several Common Core
standards that we will explore.
Why is Grendel written in italics?
Demonstrate command of the conventions of
Standard English capitalization, punctuation, and
spelling when writing.
In class assignment: Take out the contents of your
portfolio. On a sheet of paper that is divided into
three columns, make a check every time you see
something that I have identified as a capitalization,
punctuation, or spelling issue. On the first day,
quarter 2, we will work on this analysis.
Take home this data and turn it into a chart. Test
Grade 11-12 students: Determine two or more
themes or central ideas of a text and analyze their
development over the course of the text, including
how they interact and build on one another to
reproduce a complex account; provide an objective
summary of the text.
Assignment: Write a summary of chapters 1-3.
Do not repeat the whole plot.
Summarize each chapter in one sentence.
We have used this definition for a literary theme: “A
central message or perception about life that is
revealed in a literary work” (Mirrors and Windows
Reflect on your one sentence, chapter summaries
and what you remember about the novel in each
chapter. What perception(s) about life is Gardner
revealing to us?
Type this up for a grade. Due 9/3/13
In grade 11-12: Analyze a case in which
grasping point of view requires distinguishing
what is directly stated from text from what is
really meant. E.g., satire, irony, sarcasm, or
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