Speech Analysis Homework: Due: Thursday November 18, 2010 at

Speech Analysis Homework:
Due: Thursday November 18, 2010 at the beginning of class
This is an assignment that will take some time; that is why I have given you until Thursday. Do not procrastinate until Wednesday
night and try to rush through it. This homework assignment will be graded thoroughly and any obvious lack of effort or sloppy
work will affect your grade. If you have questions as you begin to complete this assignment, please see me or e-mail me:
Part 1: Annotations: 100 points
For this assignment I would like you to annotate your speech with comments, questions, and vocabulary identification as
you normally would. In addition, please identify elements of rationalism, literary terms and devices and elements of
persuasive speech. You may use highlighters in your annotations; however, you must also identify, in writing, why you
highlighted certain parts of your work. You may also use your annotation notes from your binder to help you achieve
high quality, academic annotations. No single word annotations will be accepted. Use the following checklist to help you
Elements of persuasive speech:
 Repetition: Same idea restated with the same words (usually one word/idea repeated)
 Parallelism (the repeated use of a grammatical structure (I have, he has))
 Restatement: Same idea, different words
 Rhetorical Questions: Answer is obvious
Elements of Rationalism (use your notes from class)
Literary devices/elements: (any that you find)
Look at the audience (to whom is the speaker addressing their speech, and why this audience?)
Vocabulary (don’t be afraid to look up words you don’t know and put the definition on the page)
Part 2: Personal Response 50 points
In a response, minimum one typed page (250-500 words), explain your reaction and thoughts related to the speech you
analyzed. Some elements you may wish to discuss are listed here. Do not feel limited to these response elements, but use
them to either help you get started, or to enhance your response to your speech. Discuss the effect the elements of
persuasion and how they either were or were not appropriate for the speaker’s audience. What ideas were presented in the
speech and how did you react to these ideas? If you do not have computer access at home, you may come before school
any day and type your response in the classroom. Your response must follow the rules of MLA Format listed below.
This response should be in complete sentences and follow the standard rules of the English language and its conventions.
No slang or informal language should be used. Please be as specific as you can when responding to your speech. Also,
you may use/analyze quotes from your speech in your response, but do not forget to cite the quote correctly.
“I have a dream,” (King, 2).
“The world is very different now,” (Kennedy, 197).
MLA Format: 12pt Times New Roman Font, double spaced.
Heading: (double spaced)
Your name
Mrs. Wells
Honors American Literature
4 March 2010 (due date)
The Title Goes Here: Center it and Capitalize Correctly. No Bold or Italics, Please.
Even the header must be double spaced. Please give your response a title and be sure to mention the speaker and
name of the speech you are analyzing. Don’t forget to indent new paragraphs by pushing the TAB key one time.