Animal Farm Essay Questions * Final Exam Take Home Portion

Animal Farm Essay Questions – Final Exam Take Home Portion
1. Type or write your answers on another sheet of paper.
2. Write your answers in correct paragraph form. Some answers may require more than one
paragraph. Use specific examples and appropriate detail to support your answers.
3. Proofread. Spell check. Ensure your quotes are appropriately analyzed; you must
substantiate your quote.
4. Due at the beginning of class Wednesday, May 11, 2011.
5. You must answer ALL questions.
6. You may use any resource you have: your book, your notes
Essay Questions
1. Considering Old Major’s dream for the future and his warnings to the animals, how is the
ending of the book ironic?
2. Explain how the windmill is a symbol of the animals’ hopes as well as their failures.
3. A Utopia is a perfect society. Explain why Animal Farm can appropriately be called AntiUtopian fiction.
4. Explain what the experiences of Boxer communicate about the valure of individuals in a
totalitarian society.
5. A variety of forces, rather than a single factor corrupts the revolution. What factors
influence the downfall of the animal republic?
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