Test Topics chapter 18, Social Psychology

Test Topics chapter 18, Social Psychology
Know Define the following topics and explain their significance within the context of society and
psychology. Know the relevant studies tied to teach topic.
Define Social psych
Attribution, fundamental attribution error, trait vs. situational constraints
Mere exposure effect
Obedience, Zimbardo’s study
Suggestibility, conformity, conformity and compliance studies
Chameleon effect
Foot-in-the-door phenomenon
Cognitive dissonance
Groupthink, normative social influence, informational social influence
Social facilitation, social loafing
Stereotypes, discrimination- ethnic, gender, cross-cultural research on gender discrim., Ingroup Bias,
just-world phenomenon
Aggression, connection to instinct- whose theory is that?, causes of aggression, biology, frustrationaggression principle, learned response, media’s influence
Social traps
Attraction and its impact on people’s choices, opportunities, as a predictor
Two-factor theory of emotion
Companionate love, connection with self-disclosure
Bystander effect
Altruism, Social exchange theory, superordinate goals