Unifying Themes Outline

AP Biology: Unifying Themes and Scientific Inquiry
Lecture Outline
J. Miller
Evolution as a fundamental principle of biology
A. Processes of life
B. Study of those processes
C. How to do we study these processes?
Making Connections
A. What organisms do
B. Diverse and complex
C. Study as a whole
Properties of Life
A. Order
B. Adaptations
C. Response to stimuli
D. Reproduction
E. Growth AND Development
F. Energy
G. Regulation
Introduction to the Big Ideas
A. Big Idea 1
1. Adaptation of the bat
2. Unity and diversity
3. Three Domains of Life
a. Bacteria
b. Archaea
c. Eukarya
4. Kingdoms
5. Classifications
B. Big Idea 2
1. Systems biology
2. Levels of Biological Organization
3. Form fits function
4. Grow and Reproduce
5. Regulation
C. Big Idea 3
1. Cell Division
2. DNA
3. Three parts of a nucleotide
4. Genomics
5. Bioinformatics
D. Big Idea 4
1. Interactions between systems
2. Interactions with physical environment
Scientific Inquiry
A. Observations vs. Inferences
B. Components of scientific method
C. Communication