Fairy Tale Analysis Paper

Fairy Tale Analysis
I. You will be writing a 3-5 page paper on two different versions of the same fairy tale. To
complete this paper, you will do the following:
 Complete the reading and annotate all research on the different aspects of fairy tales
that was distributed by your teacher (Ms. Vandergrift).
 Choose a fairy tale and find two different versions of that fairy tale.
 While reading the fairy tales, annotate – specifically look for elements that have been
addressed in class discussions and in the research that we have read. Include original
ideas/thoughts, as well!
 Find at least two sources on your chosen fairy tale(s). * Remember, there are legitimate sources
on the internet, but the Upper Dublin database is filled with strong analyses on fairy tales.
 Once you have read the two fairy tales (first) and then (second) the research specific to
your fairy tales, decide on which aspect you will be focusing. (ie. Sexism/feminism) and
create a THESIS! (*It might be a different aspect from what we have discussed in class.)
II. Once you have completed the steps above, choose ONE specific aspect from our research
(or your own research) to analyze in the fairy tales that you have chosen. Review the
guidelines below:
 Find at least TWO additional sources to support your thesis. If you choose to go a
different direction (from what our research has discussed), you must find at least THREE
different sources. *Remember, there are legitimate on the internet, but the Upper Dublin database is
filled with strong analyses on fairy tales.
 After you have read an annotated all of your research, “tweak” your thesis if needed.
III. Now, it is time to write:
 The paper must be 3-5 pages in length following final copy standards.
 The paper must use MLA citation and include a works cited page.
 The paper must include at least THREE different secondary sources and at least one
direct quote from each of your primary sources.
 Be sure to “evenly” analyze both versions of the fairy tales.
 Remember: Use all parts of the essay (including paragraph parts).
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