Lake Washington Road project

Prepared for:
Mr. Fran Lemieux
Shaw Group
Client’s Project Goals
Shaw Group Development Corp.
 Design & construct 62,523 sf commercial office
 MS Project construction schedule
 Project cost & cash flow analysis
 Develop construction contract & terms
Project Management Plan
Project Consists of 3 parts
 Project Controls
Project Scope
Project Schedule
Cash Flow Report
 Transportation Design
Traffic analysis
Pavement design
Parking lot design
 Legal Aspects
Contract development & terms
Preparation for negotiations
Regulatory Agencies
Project Size and Cost
 3 Stories
 62,523 sqft total
 Estimated cost - $479,000
Parking Lot
 Aggregate cost - $38,000
 Asphalt cost - $95,000
Total Estimated Project Cost - $612,000
Transportation Design
Key Elements of the Design
 Traffic Analysis
 Pavement Design & Cost Estimating
 Parking Lot Design
Traffic Analysis
 Observed Traffic Counts
 Space Coast TPO Transportation Data Management
 FDOT Trip Calculation Software
 Pre/Post LOS Analysis for Babcock St. and University
Pavement Design
 AASHTO Guide For Design of Pavement Structures
 Use of RAP (Recycled Asphalt Pavement)
 2007 RS Means
 Precision Rock and Dredge – Palm Bay (Lime Stone)
 VA Paving – Cocoa (HMA)
Pavement Design
Parking Lot Design
 City of Palm Bay Codes
 ADA Guidelines
 Lights by Outside Source Using ECO Lighting
Parking Lot Design
Legal Aspects
Contract Development
Preparations for Negotiations
Permits, Licenses, Agencies
Contract Development-1
Contract Development for Florida Tech Commons
Description of lands/site
Contractors Responsibilities
 Labor
 Schedule
 Permits
Owners Responsibilities
 Communication
 Payments
 Insurance
Contract Development-2
Tests and Inspections
Change Orders
Claims – settle orally if possible
Dispute Resolution
 Good Faith Negotiations
 Mediation
 Arbitration
 Litigation
Liquidated Damages
Preparation for Negotiations
 Gather outside information on possible alternatives and prices to
compare to.
 Establish points of leverage that can be used during negotiation.
 Set a goal or target maximum/minimum value that you are willing to
buy/sell at.
 Decide initial approach method (friendly negotiation/good cop-bad
 Through negotiations try to determine the oppositions stand point (do
they NEED an agreement? do they have other options? Etc…)
 Most importantly, always shoot for a Win/Win conclusion. If both
parties can improve their situation and keep a friendly position with
each other it will make it easier to negotiate again in the future.
Permits, Licenses, Agencies
Follow municipal & state codes and regulations
Acquire permits and licenses
Keep in good standing with agencies and the
Project Summary
Schedule Timing
Cash Flow
Traffic Summary
Pavement Features
Parking Lot Design
Contract Development
Negotiation Tactics
Acquire Permits and Licenses
Thank you for choosing Shaw group
Project plan meets client’s goals
We will produce a quality project
We appreciate your business
I will be your project manager
 My contact information is:
Michael Matern
[email protected]