Refraction Mini Lab

Refraction Mini-Lab
Determine the index of refraction and speed of light for water. Three
pins, a plastic dish containing water, and a sheet of graph paper are
required for this experiment. You must use a graphical method, such that
the index of refraction is the slope of a best fit straight line.
Report should include:
1) A clear sketch of at least three rays of light through the plastic dish of
water. Each ray should have a different angle of incidence. To trace a
ray, put one pin at the center of the flat side of the dish to eliminate
bending of the light on the curved surface, place the other two pins as
shown so that they appear to be in a straight line when you observe
them through the water. To get good measurements, you must have
large angles of incidence but you must avoid “internal reflection”.
2) A table of your measured date, calculated data, and graph. Clearly
show how you get the index of refraction of water from the graph.