Evening Prayer - Episcopal Church

Evening Prayer
Tuesday, October 14th
Opening Sentence and Prayer
Let us pray:
O God who loves everything that lives,
and whose immortal spirit is in all created life,
free us from thoughts that would separate us from
from words that harm the soul
and from errors that invite darkness into the world.
From inner confusions over what is good
grant us a clarity of vision,
that we may see your creative wisdom
pervading all things
and each day making life new.
In the stillness of evening,
let us glimpse within us and among us
the light that is an emanation of your glory
that we may be renewed once again,
O God,
in the image of your goodness.
Holy God,
holy and mighty,
holy and immortal,
have mercy upon us.
Song for reflection
Prayers of Thanksgiving and
We give thanks , O God,
for all that is good
within us,
between us,
and around us,
for the beauty of the sky’s constellations,
for patterns of kindness and creativity among
for generosities that shine in human lives,
all these things conceived by your wisdom
and from the beginning brought forth in love.
We give thanks that life has flowed from you
and to you returns,
that we are born not of mere chance
to pass like traces of a cloud,
but to share in the eternity of your life,
and that the world is ruled
not by earth’s elements and heaven’s stars,
but by the wisdom and greatness that created
Protect us and all people, O God,
from destructive forces within and without,
from powers that see no meaning
beyond possessing and enjoying.
And grant us eyes to discern
the great spirits of our time
in who love and wisdom are found,
so that as we seek new beginnings
for ourselves and for our world we may be guided
by their understanding
and by their hope.
Free prayer and offerings
Leader –
Lord, teach us to pray together:
Our Father…
From An Earthful of Glory by Philip Newell