Reham Aldubayyan
Action Research
On 10/8/2011, government of Saudi Arabia has launched the Saudi
Electronic University (SEU) as a government educational institution. The SEU is the
only specialized university in distance education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
that offers both graduate and undergraduate degree programs along with life-long
education. It is depends on distance educational method by using advanced
technologies. The university provides an excellent and qualified modern education
for all society members. According to the highest quality standards and best
international practices. The university also, contributes to increase the efficiency of
higher education institutions production. Also it enhances the international
presence of the Kingdom through the publication of Arabic and science and
knowledge. In my action research I will study the role and the impact of the
university to contain enormous numbers of students in Saudi Arabia. How that will
affect the higher education system, and the reactions of students after the adoption
of the Saudi Electronic University (SEU) and after cancellation of the partial
attendance Registration in Saudi Universities system and replace it with distance
education. In addition, I will make a survey with the university students and the
difficulties they face, especially that the language used is English.