Chapters 2-3-4
Individual only.
“Explain” means to write a complete
thought…make connections.
If you make a list, what does the list tell. What
is it meaning? Why is it important?
Short answer question should be in a complete
Exam Study Guide: Ch 2
Explain Piaget and his theory. Disadvantages and
advantages. How does help explain how infants learn?
May want to check chapter 1.
 Dominate and Recessive inheritance. Explain and
know examples.
 Dominate and Recessive Diseases and the implications
for the individual’s growth and development.
 How SES can affect family functioning. Give some
examples. What are ways low income families can be
helped by society?
Exam Study Guide: Ch 3
Periods of prenatal development—implications
of each
Teratogens- effects on fetus—implications–
how prevented. Timeline. Explain the sensitive
period in prenatal development. Cite examples
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Rubella, and Aids—
causes, implications, preventions, &
Chapter 4
What can the infant do a birth? Cite examples.
List and explain complications at birth. Prevention and
interventions. How might the caretaker/parent be
involved the in the care?
Explain senses capabilities and reflexes. Explain
Explain the “Well- Equipped Stranger. Cite examples.
Explain parent responsibilities for care of an infant.
(social, cognitive & physical)