School - M. Lynn Bennion Elementary

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Grade 6 M. Lynn Bennion Elementary
Connie Cummings 2014-2015
Grade Level or Course Description
The primary goal of education is the development of individuals who possess the knowledge, skills, and
human characteristics necessary to enable them to live meaningfully as individuals and as positive contributors to
society. To achieve this ultimate goal, we provide experiences to develop skills in language and thinking, scientific
understanding, mathematics, historical perception, social interaction, and physical education. This philosophy is
supported by the knowledge that all children can and want to learn.
Our goal is to have each student understand and use the Core Curriculum at his or her grade level. The
student will use cooperative, collaborative, higher-level thinking, and reading skills in all subjects. The use of
computer technology will help the student to reach a higher level of learning
Course Goals and Objectives
Based on the Utah State Core Curriculum the students will expand writing, spelling, language arts and
reading skills to express ideas and experiences. The students will build their knowledge of math and science by
participating in classes using the Core standards. Utah State Office of Education website.
Course Materials
Harcourt School Publishers: Storytown, Copyright 2008 by Harcourt, Inc
Expressions Math, Copyright 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Company
Utah Write computer writing program
Spellcity for spelling
Format and Procedures
The students need to be active listeners and must pay attention to what is said in class by the teacher and other
students. The students will often work in partners and small groups to accomplish an assignment. The computers in
the classroom are shared by two students, so students have to be willing to listen and learn from others.
Course Requirements: (Assignments, Attendance, Tardies, Discipline, etc.)
Utah State Law requires regular school attendance. A student needs to attend class regularly to complete
assignments and to learn skills in a continuous order.
If your child is ill, please, send a Doctor’s excuse or a written explanation the following day.
School begins at 8:10 a.m. It is important to be punctual. Students arriving late not only miss important
instructions for the day but also interrupt teaching and learning. Students who arrive late must
check-in with the office when they arrive at school .
Homework is the child’s responsibility. Because it’s the first time someone other than a parent assigns
frequent tasks to a child, homework breaks new ground. Like a muscle, the ability to be a self-starter strengthens with
use. Accomplishing the task of homework can affirm a child’s feeling of competency and self worth. If a student does
not complete class work in class he/she is expected to take the assignment home as homework. Math, and reading
practice is assigned every night Monday-Friday as homework.
Grading Procedures
Students are at Standard if they complete the work assigned for homework and in class. A student who
completes some of the work, but is working and handing as much work as possible is Approaching Standard. If a
student is capable of doing the work and chooses not to do the work he/she will receive an N on his/her report card. If
a student is absent with a valid excuse he/she will be allowed to make up work missed. Late work is always accepted.
Teacher Contact Information
Connie Cummings at Bennion Elementary 801-578-8108 EXT. 310
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