CHM 103 General Chemistry II Laboratory

CHM 103
General Chemistry II
Companion course to CHM 102 lecture
The laboratory addresses:
• Measurement including statistics
• Non-visual methods of tracking reactions
– Potentiometric titration
– Conductiometric titration
• Instrumental methods and computer
– Chime
– Graphing calculator and/or Excel
– IR and visible spectroscopy
• Build on topics from CHM 101 and new
areas explored in CHM 102
Laboratory on Monday
or Wednesday
follow-up out of class
Discussion on Friday
data analysis
practice questions/problems
3 performance labs
at 50 points each
2 exams at
100 points
+ 5 mini-assignments
at 10 points
Culminating Chemical
Analysis Task
at 100 points
500 points total
Culminating Chemical
Analysis Task (CCAT)
Last lab period
Done individually
Chemical analysis performance task
Uses skills and procedures covered
during semester
• Instructions provided
In class … On time… Be ready to
At least 6 hours per week on out of class work
Complete class assignments and problems
on handouts
Form a study group and meet regularly
Get help early from your instructor or tutor
Laboratory manual available FREE online as pdf –
Also links to interactive support materials
The course webpage
For great resources
In small groups...
• Each group must invent a new unit of
• Use the new unit to determine the area of
the classroom
• Compare your group’s unit to another
• What is the conversion factor between the
two different units?
• How would other students in another place
be able to use your unit?