Speed Calculations


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Motion & Speed Notes

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 Motion: _________________________________________________________

 Reference Point: __________________________________________________


 Speed: _________________________________________________________

 Velocity: ________________________________________________________

 Formula:

 In order to calculate, you need to know which numbers describes distance, time and speed. Using units will help you!

Distance Units Time Units Speed Units



A bus travels 256 meters in 3 seconds. What is its speed?


How much time will it take an insect to travel 7 cm if it moves at a speed of 2 cm/sec?


A boy travels for 15 seconds at a speed of 4 meters/second. How far did he travel?

Speed Calculations Practice

DIRECTIONS: Please show your work and include units for your answers. Please round answers to the HUNDRETHS place (meaning 2 numbers past the decimal point!)

1. A racecar driver travels 600 miles in 3 hours. What is his average speed?

2. A thief ran 5000 meters from the cops at an average speed of 6 meters/second before he got caught. How long did he run?

3. You are driving in the car with your grandma and she is driving at a speed of 45 mph. You drive for 0.5 hours. How far did you drive?

4. Tina’s calculations of the tarantula found that the spider was able to cover 20 centimeters in 5 seconds, what was the average speed of the spider?

5. If Sarah backstrokes at an average speed of 8 meters per second, how long will it take her to complete the race of 200 meters length?

6. If Mike rides his motorcycle at an average speed of 20 meters/second for 500 seconds, how far does he ride?