(Insert Your Health Center
Address, and Phone Number to
contact a CAC/Navigator Here)
Medicaid or MIChild
My Username: ______________________________ My Password: ___________________________
My Application Tracking Number: ___________________________ Date: _____________________
To log-in to your MI Bridges account or apply visit:
 If you received a pending application status on MI Bridges, you may get a letter asking for additional
records. If you get a letter like this, you MUST respond before the due date. Call your DHHS Specialist if
you need more time to return requested documents.
 If you were approved, follow the next steps to get coverage!
You should receive a mihealth card in the mail.
If you have ever been enrolled in a Medicaid program before, your old mihealth
card will be re-activated and you will not automatically get a new one. If you
don’t receive a mihealth card or lost yours call the Beneficiary Help Line at:
1-800-642-3195, or visit to request a new card.
Select a health plan and doctor by calling Michigan ENROLLS or returning your
enrollment form in the mail.
 Most enrollees get a packet in the mail with information to select a health plan. You can return the
enrollment form in the mail or call Michigan ENROLLS at 1-888-367-6557 (TTY for hearing impaired 1-888263-5897) to select a health plan over the phone. If you do not select a health plan promptly one will be
assigned to you.
 Visit to view a list of health plans available by county and links to provider
directories for all health plans.
My health plan choice is: _____________________________________________
My doctor choice is: ____________________________________(Name & Phone Number)
You will receive a proof of insurance card and a health plan handbook from
your insurance company.
Sample Health
Insurance Card
 If you do not receive a proof of insurance card call your health plan at: ________________________
You will receive a letter (called a Redetermination Notice) with instructions for
renewing your Medicaid or MIChild coverage in 11 months.
My approximate renewal month is: _____________________________________________
 You will be able to renew your health coverage through your MI Bridges account or by following the
instructions of the renewal letter.
 If you have other DHHS benefits (i.e. food, cash, child care etc.), your health coverage renewal may not
happen in the 11th month of coverage. If your other benefit(s) needs to be renewed, DHHS may renew
your health coverage at the same time.
*Reminder* Changes to your contact information, household members, or income must be reported in your
MI Bridges account or to your DHHS Specialist within 10 days of the change.
To check the status of your MI Bridges application or benefits, call:
DHHS Program/Case Information (Automated Line): 1-888-642-7434
For questions about DHHS Assistance Programs (including Healthy Michigan Plan), call:
DHHS Customer Service: 1-855-275-6424
For questions about your mihealth card, getting a replacement mihealth card, or Medicaid
applications and eligibility, call:
Beneficiary Helpline: 1-800-642-3195
To get help at any point of the application process, visit or call 2-1-1 to find
For help understanding what to do after you apply and how to use your new coverage visit