The Machine in the Garden

The Machine in the Garden
Technology and the Pastoral
Ideal in America
Leo Marx
The Author explains the
contradictions between leading
the life under the pastoral ideals
and the highly machine dependent
industrial ones.
The balance between nature and
“The pursuit of rural happiness
while devoting itself to productivity,
wealth, and power”
The Dream of America
Europeans dazzled by the
untouched New World
Opportunity to escape political and
economical oppression
A chance to live simple and
independent lives
Industrial Revolution
The conflict between
industrialization and pastoral
American simple life vs. European
industrialized life
Rationalize the machines to fit the
ideals of pastoralism
Two Kingdoms of Force
In the end, machines and new
technology is prevalent and integrated
in our society
Society has made many advantageous
advancement through Science and
Or has these advancements harmed
us? Have we lost our ideals? Are
Jefferson’s dreams shattered?
Men Become Tools of
Their Tools
What does this mean?
“As a society we are focused on
the means but not on the ends,
and instrumentalist without ideals”
Is this the reality?
Resolution to this Conflict
Is there a solution?
What is precious to us?
Convenience vs. a Healthy home
We are aware of the truth, but are
we too apathetic to these concerns?
Finding a balance, but how do we
define it?