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Assignment brief
Unit number and title
Unit 4 Business Communications
BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business
Start date
11th July 2011
18th July 2011
Mr M Drury/ Mr L McNeill/Mrs Howe
Assignment title
Understand different methods of communicating business information
Assignment Task 4, Individual work, know how to communicate business
information using appropriate methods.
The aim of this unit is to show learners that the collection and management of business information,
and the successful communication of that information throughout a business, is critical for the future
prosperity of the organisation.
Scenario Santander are reviewing the way they communicate with their stakeholders and would
like you to investigate and explain the different methods they use for (electronic and non-electronic
methods) communicating business information. For each method you must state which audience
the method of communication would be suitable for, why and the benefits for Santander of
adopting this method. Your findings should be presented in the form of a 15 minute power
point presentation
Essential Knowledge Required to Complete Assignment
4 Know how to communicate business information using appropriate methods
Audience requirements: eg age, gender, ethnicity, special needs, readability, legibility, attention
span, accessibility, interest, distraction avoidance, business experience and knowledge, industryrelated experience and knowledge
Methods of written communication: eg letter, memorandum, fax, invoice, flow charts, publicity
material, email and screen based, SMS (short message service), www (worldwide web)
Methods of non-written communication: eg telephone call, video conferencing
Technologies: computers; touch screens; digital broadcasting; DVD (digital versatile/video disc);
mobile phones; the internet and WAP (wireless application protocol)
Communication skills: formal/informal; verbal/non-verbal; listening; understanding; seeking
clarification; responsiveness; eye contact; facial expressiveness; body language; use of appropriate
professional language;
Task 1
Create a power point which shows the current methods used to communicate business information in
Within you PPT you must explain : what method of communication is being used (electronic/non electronic)
 what type of information is being communicated
 why is it being presented?
 the audience it is intended for (which stakeholder(s))
 the language used (formal/informal)
 what difference should it make to business behaviour
Mrs E Howe
 could it be presented more successfully?
P7 outline electronic and non-electronic methods for communicating business information, using examples for
different types of audience. [IE]
Sources of information
U drive>Business Studies>students>Btec Sept 2010
Business Review Magazine (see
The Economist (see
Business education website (for learning materials and quizzes)
BBC Business website
For useful background (visit the Study Room, see Unit 6)
Official UK statistics
Free materials and case studies
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