The Story of the Israelites

1. Sit down silently
2. In your Composition Book, answer the
following questions
1. Who was the founder of Judaism?
2. What does it mean to be monotheistic?
3. Who received the 10 commandments? Who gave
him the 10 commandments?
4. What is the holy book of Judaism called?
Homework: NONE! Enjoy your evening.
The Story of the
• Around 1,200BC a people called the Israelites
(or Hebrews) set up a small kingdom in a place
called Canaan, between Mesopotamia and
Egypt. The modern country Israel is located
where Canaan was.
In Egypt…
• The Israelites left Canaan because of a terrible
• They were at first welcomed into Egypt
• A new pharaoh came to power and enslaved
the Israelites
[6:11 minutes]
God Speaks
• God then commanded Moses to lead the
Israelites out of Egypt.
• This migration of people is known as the
Check & Discuss…
What was burning?
What was the message God told Moses?
What did he give Moses?
What did he say when Moses said “he
couldn’t do it”
• Is he going to hope Moses can do this by
Moses tries to make Ramses
• Attempt #1: on the boat, Moses tells Ramses
to let his people go.
– Cause: Ramses mocks him and laughs
– Effect: Moses uses his staff and turns the water
into blood.
[2:22 minutes]
Check For Understanding
• Based on what we’ve learned about Ramses,
why do you think he will not let the people
• Why does he need them as slaves?
Moses tries…again…
• Attempt #2: Ramses still refuses to let the
Israelites free.
– Effect: Moses uses the power of god to let
millions of frogs & locusts to run free to infest
[2:47 minutes]
Check For Understanding
• What did you see was the effect of the Locusts
on the people living in Egypt?
Yup, Moses tries AGAIN!
• Ramses continues to
ignore Moses’ wishes, so a
spirit it sent to kill the first
born of the people in
Egypt. Unless they have
blood (of a lamb) painted li
above their door.
Ramses’ son dies
• Ramses’ son dies
• He decides this has gone long enough, and
frees the Israelites.
• On their journey to freedom, the Egyptians
attack them one last time and push the
Israelites all the way to the sea.
• At this point the Israelites are cornered, with
no where to go….
Eventually Ramses lets Moses and the
Israelites leave Egypt.
• He parts the Sea and they go on their journey.
Beginning – 2:45
After leaving Egypt…
• The Israelites wandered the Sinai Desert for
40 years.
• Moses climbed the mountain and God spoke
to him, giving him two stone tablets.
– These had the 10 commandments on them
• In your Composition Book, write ONLY THE
ANSWERS to these questions:
– 1. Who was Moses and what did he do? (two
– 2. What is the religion we’re learning about that
associates Moses with it?
– 3. What are the people called who follow Judaism?
– 4. Using your knowledge from yesterday and today,
why were the Egyptians so against Judaism?
HOMEWORK: Vocabulary sheet DUE
TOMORROW, answers must be FROM
• Moses chose Joshua to lead
the Israelites back to Canaan.
• Many years had passed and
new people lived in Canaan.
• It took the Israelites 200 years
to win back Canaan.
During War…
• There was no single powerful leader, they had
judges, to highly respected men of the
• The judges kept the Israelites united
Fighting Ends
• The tribes were divided into 12 and they
started farming & herding
Monotheism? Judaism?
• The Israelites belief in one
god set them apart from
• People were not accepting of
this new religion
• In 1029BC a group called the
Philistines invaded and
conquered the Israelite
• The Israelites united under one king named
Saul to fight the Philistines.
• Saul became ill and died, so the Israelites
needed a new leader.
• Samuel, a major judge,
chose David to be the
next king.
• David won control of
Israel and had his son
Solomon succeed him.
• Solomon built a
famous temple in
• Solomon’s son Rehoboam became
• The Israelites faced threats from
the Assyrians, who conquered
• The Assyrians were taken over by
the Babylonians.
Babylonian Captivity
• The Babylonians took the Israelites and called
them the Jews.
• The Jews hoped and searched for a “Messiah”
or anointed one to save them.
The Temple is Rebuilt
• The Persians then
conquered Babylon
• A King called Cyrus
tolerated the religious
beliefs of the “Jews”
• Instead of destroying the
Jewish temple, Cyrus
would kneel down and
• Cyrus freed the Jewish
Rebuilding the Temple
• Under Persian rule, the Jews rebuilt Jerusalem
and were forever grateful to Cyrus [Cyrus