Syllabus Software Project Management

Software Project Management
Introduction to Software Engineering problems
Tools and Techniques
Project Schedule
Software Requirements
Design and Programming
Software Testing
Management and Leadership
Process Improvement
Text Books (must buy)
Reference Books
Reference Books
Interesting Books to talk about real world
software project management in TAIWAN
Course Implementation
Case Studies and in class participation (25%)
Tool exercises (25%)
Midterm exam (25%)
Final exam or reports or competitions (25%)
Class Rules
• Be sure to participate case studies (20% of the total grade)
• You can bring drinks or food (whatever to keep you wake)
• If you are tired, just walk out to have a shower, cigarette, or whatever that
excites you
• If you want to sleep in class in full-time, mai lai la!
– Sleeping in beds is much more comfortable
– Sleeping in class will not make you pass
– So, go home and read by yourself as long as you can complete the project and
pass the written test
• Ask any questions when you have questions immediately! Learn to be a
vampire sucking anything from my brain
– It is my responsibility and paid to clear your doubt!
– You parents pay tuition for you to get useful THINGS from us !