AP World History Summer Assignment (Mr. Sakowich)

Sakowich AP World History Summer 2015
The AP World History summer assignment will consist of two parts. The first
part will be to outline 6 possible easy questions (they are listed below). Your outline
should consist of at least 16 sentences of information. You must answer all parts of the
question. You also need to create a thesis statement for each question.
The second part is two chapter outlines, chapters 17 and 18.
***All of this work must be handed in by the first Friday of next
school year 9/11/15. Any work that is handed in late will receive a
grade deduction.***
1) Analyze and describe the impact of TWO of the following nomadic groups from
600 to 1450. In your analysis, be sure to consider the economic, political, and
social effects that these nomadic groups caused.
2) Analyze and describe how the relationship between religion and the state changed
from 600 to 1450 in ONE of the following areas. Be sure to discuss the factors
that led to these changes.
Eastern Europe
Middle East
3) Analyze and compare the emergence of TWO of the following religions or
philosophies in the specified areas from 1450 to 1750.
Islam -- India (Mughal Empire)
Protestantism -- Europe
Neo-Confucianism -- China
Sikhism – India
4) Compare and contrast the Columbian Exchange and European trade with China
and Japan from 1450 to 1750.
5) Compare and contrast the development of South Africa and Mexico from 1750 to
6) Analyze and describe the reactions of ONE of the following to European
imperialism from 1450 to 1914.
Latin America
Sub-Saharan Africa