Saratoga Springs Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church

Greeting and Announcements
Preparing for Worship
 Prelude "Up, O Shepherds"
arr. Hermann Schroeder
There are pads in the seats to help us connect with you—please
take some time during the service to fill it out and pass it along.
Choral Introit
Time of Sharing
Break Forth, O Beauteous Heavenly Light
We Exchange Signs of Peace
Matthew 2: 1-12
Children’s Message
At this time, children are invited to move to Sunday school.
Pray for Each Other
Following the pastor’s prayer, we will speak the names of others
who need special prayers today. This ends with the words: “Lord
in Your Love;” the people respond” “Hear Our Prayers.”
Offering Ourselves & Our Gifts to God’s Purposes
 Response: #221 V-4
As With Gladness
(see screen)
Closing Prayer:
by John Wesley
I am no longer my own, but yours.
Put me to what you will, rank me with whom you will.
Put me to doing, put me to suffering.
Let me be employed for thee or laid aside for thee,
exalted for thee or brought low for thee.
Let me be full, let me be empty.
Let me have all things, let me have nothing.
I freely and heartily yield all things
to your pleasure and disposal.
And now, O glorious and blessed God,
Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer,
you art mine, and I am yours!
Let the covenant, which I have made on earth,
be ratified in heaven.
Preparing for the World
Postlude: "On Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry" arr. J Leavitt
Introduction to Love Feast
2nd Scripture:
1st Peter 2: 9-10
“Morning Star”
Chancel Choir
During the anthem slips of paper with scripture verses will be passed
through the pews. Please take one of the slips and reflect on the
scripture also called a “Watch Word.” After the anthem if you feel led
you may share your scripture aloud to the congregation.
1st Scripture:
(see screen)
3rd Scripture:
Call to Worship
We are gathered to worship our God.
Send your Spirit upon us.
We come from many places, with many burdens.
Send your Spirit upon us.
We turn our hearts to you, O God.
Send your Spirit upon us,
and make us your beloved family.
The People Who In Darkness
While this hymn is sung a simple meal of bread and water will be passed
through the pews. In the silence following the hymn please enjoy this meal
and reflect on the gift of Christ’s light in our world.
Acts 2: 43-47
Prayer Requests
In Our Prayers: Lori Bussing, Barbara Thomas, William Schewe,
Linda Griffing, Peggy Abbondandolo, Lexi Gurka, Marti Ladue,
Kay Runge, Barbara Peck, Barbara O’Brien, Patricia Squailia,
Frank Crouch, Jane Flannagan (Glen’s mother), Donald Straus,
Sue Zutterling (Maplewood), Virginia Cooley, Ethel Clark, Janet
Woodcock, Paul & Alice Jones, Bill Young, Shirley Bozony,
Jeanne Cramer, Miriam Ellsworth, Helen Richardson, Sylvia
Hoyer (Julie Calcagni’s mother), Dorothy Place, Rev. Jane
Borden, Marge Bramhall, Virginia Feeny, Alden Sharp, Helen
Smead, Rev. Walter Taylor, Richard Gerlach, Bob Christopher,
Dudek family, Thomas family, Jaclyn Hakes, Stu Hefter, Rev.
Brolin Parker.
For Those Who Mourn the Loss of: Virgina Feeny, Michel Kril,
William Young, Chris Hoyt, June Wright, Charlie Waldrop, Ivy
Olmstead-Morris (Dale Christopher’s granddaughter), Nancy
Meyer, Mark Phillips (Fred & Norma Phillips’ son), Dorothy Hall
(Sue Dart’s mother), Al Lounsbury, Beth Hostetler (Renee’s
mother), Frank Masters (Betsy Cannon’s father), Michael Cannon
(Betsy Cannon’s father-in-law).
For Those Around the World: Those serving their country at
home and abroad, victims and families involved in violence,
victims of recent natural disasters, those listed on our Prayer
Board in the Lobby.
Fellowship Time: Today’s hosts are the Missions Team. Next
week - Music Department. Thank you!
Sunday Morning Discussion Group: We will start on page 200
today (Black Moses) in Stephen Prothero's book, American
Jesus, How the Son of God Became a National Icon. Please join
us at 10:45 in the Lounge. Ken Bollerud
Mission Trip with ASP! The mission trip is from July 18-26 in
West Virginia. If you will be between the ages of 14 and 18 and
would like to participate in the trip, please register online and give
your deposit to Pastor Drew or Katie. Spots are filling up fast and
our deadline for sign-ups is January 8, so please do it soon!!!!
Confirmation Class starting January 18: Confirmation is a vital
step in a youth's life. Class will take place every Sunday from
January 18 – May 17 starting at 12:00 pm in the Lounge.
***Confirmation orientation with Pastor Heather will be January 11
at noon in the Lounge.
Teller Needed Starting January 2015: Volunteer needed for
every 5th Sunday. Contact the church office at 584-3720.
3rd Thursday Methodist Fellowship: Thursday, January 15 at
6:00pm. Come join us for an informal potluck meal and good
conversation with other church families and friends. Contact
Laura LeCours 584-5520 or [email protected]
Church Dinner: The Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church
will be hosting a ham dinner complete with homemade pies on
Saturday, January 24th from 4:30- 6:30 pm. Cost: Free will
donation. Come join us!
Church Council Meeting: Tuesday, January 20 at 7pm.
This Week
January 4, 2015
Worship, Childcare, Sunday School,
Fellowship Time
Book Study (Lounge)
Worship, Childcare, Sunday School
Youth Group (Adkins)
Chess Club (Kitchenette)
January 5, 2015
January 6, 2015
Yoga (Kindermusik)
January 7, 2015
AcaBella Rehearsal (Fellowship Hall)
Chancel Ringers (Fellowship Hall)
Chancel Choir Rehearsal (Choir)
January 8, 2015
Joy in the Morning
Thursday Bells Rehearsal (Sanctuary)
Joyful Hope Choir Rehearsal (Choir Room)
January 9, 2015
No events scheduled
January 10, 2015
No events scheduled
January 11, 2015
Worship, Childcare, Sunday School
Fellowship Time
Book Study (Lounge)
Worship, Childcare, Sunday School
Confirmation Orientation (Lounge)
Saratoga Springs
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Saratoga Springs
January 4, 2014
Our Mission Statement
The Mission of Saratoga Springs United Methodist
Church is to spread God’s word as we embrace persons
of any age, gender, race, ethnic background, sexual
orientation, economic condition, physical or mental ability
as full participants in a loving community of worship,
fellowship, study, and outreach.