Knowledge Management and Knowledge Sharing Technology in

Information Management and
Knowledge Sharing
Technologies and Tools
in the World Bank
February 2003
Business Information Systems
SAP/ BW—commercial product, the Bank's
enterprise transactional data system that
provides a single, consistent source for key
business information
Management Information Systems or
the Management Dashboard—home-built
product that surfaces SAP and BW data on
the web and for work program planning and
budgeting by all VPUs
Records and Communications
Lotus Notes—commercial product used as
e-mail tool, e-calendar, collaboration tool, and
repository of documents in LN databases
Domino.doc—commercial IBM/Lotus
product used primarily for content storage,
including the Integrated Records and
Information System (IRIS)
Human Resources Systems
PeopleSoft—Commercial product used to record all
human resources transactions for staff and their
Staff Directory—Intranet application which
provides search capabilities for finding information
about staff by extracting certain information from
PeopleSoft and an Oracle database containing
skill/personal profile information provided directly by
the staff members
Employee Self Service Systems HR Kiosk,
JobWorld—home-built, ASP bases systems,
YourNet—personal Lotus Notes based websites
Information Request Tracking
Remedy—commercial product for IT Help Desk and
Trust Fund Operations request tracking
Unified Case Management—modified Visual Help
Desk, Lotus Notes based product that includes e-mail
request tracking tool, FAQ database, requesters’
directory, and reporting tools used by advisory
services and information help desks (currently being
Web Technology
Web is the interface of choice for knowledge sharing
The Internet Services Program (ISP)
Bank’s Internet and build an e-business platform
Multi-year project to upgrade the
Recent hardware acquisition includes:
IBM Websphere servers
IBM Websphere Portal Servers (in pilot phase)
Netegrity web security software
iPlanet Directory
Vignette content management software
Online Collaboration
SameTime—Commercial product that offers collaborative tools and work spaces
Electronic Publishing
Epublish—home-built Web publishing tool based on Vignette content management
software (for content caching)
Google—commercial product. Search retrieves information from Bank’s internal and
external websites
Compendium—Home-built product. Metadata Warehouse to allow federated searches
in multiple data repositories (in pilot phase)
KS Technology
Technologies and Applications
Global Satellite Communications Links connecting HQ and Country Offices
Videoconferencing—satellites, ISDN, IP
Interactive TV—TV broadcasting by satellite and interaction via phone, fax, e-mail
Web—online learning applications (Commercial products: WebCT, Netg, Element;
Home-built product: VLE)
Webcasting—web-based video casting using a commercial product Realserver
Online discussions and newsletters—Lyris, commercial product
GDLN—Global Development Learning Network – using a “blended” approach to use of
technologies; videoconferencing, web, CD-ROM, print, on occasion Interactive TV
Development Gateway—collaboration, information and resource sharing, development
community building web facility. DG’s core technology platform is implemented using
the ArsDigita Community System (ACS), an open-source code software system for
interactive Web applications.
B-Span—web-based video casting facility
Development Forum--the Bank's venue for electronic discussions
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