Hurricane Warning!!

Hurricane Warning!!!!!
Good Morning! It seems that we have a bit of a sticky situation this morning, and you have been asked to
help. We have just received word that a hurricane has formed and is heading towards land. Hurricane
Wally is currently located at 10 degrees north latitude and 55 degrees west longitude. We need to warn
the people in the Caribbean islands who could be in Wally’s path. Unfortunately, all communication
systems are down.
You and your group have been selected to fly from Wisconsin and warn the islands in the Northern
Caribbean. The pilot is having a problem with navigation and needs your assistance. Please give the pilot
the absolute location of the following places (using latitude and longitude) so you can arrive as soon as
Nassau, Bahamas
Lat. _______
Long. _______
Havana, Cuba
Lat. _______
Long. _______
Kingston, Jamaica
Lat. _______
Long. _______
Port Au Prince, Haiti
Lat. _______
Long. _______
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Lat. _______
Long. _______
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Lat. _______
Long. _______
In order to return home to Wisconsin safely, you only have enough time to fly to the six locations listed
above. Lucky for you, you have been ordered to go home. However, you need to assist other people by
alerting them that they are in path of the hurricane. You do not need to use absolute location of each
island. You just need to tell the leaders in each island they are in danger! You should concentrate on the
Lesser Antilles (Leeward and Windward Islands). You are able to warn eight islands. Choose the eight
islands you think you should warn. In making your decision, take the following into consideration:
Proximity to Caracus
Possibility of being in the storm’s path (it is moving northwest)
Location of the island in relation to other islands (relative location)
Can the people of the island warn other islands from their position?
Places to warn:
1. __________________________
5. _____________________________
2. __________________________
6. _____________________________
3. __________________________
7. _____________________________
4. __________________________
8. _____________________________
5. __________________________
Thank you in advance for your assistance!!
Lesson adapted from: Making Geography Fun, Creative Lessons for Sixth
Grade Geography, Educational Services and Division of Social Science
Sciences, E. S. (2015). Making Geography Fun. Maimi, Florida, USA.