Nationalism vs Communism in China


Nationalism vs

Communism in China

Brian and Lynn

Key Ideas

The Main Conflict: Nationalism vs


Nationalists: Democracy

Communists: Communism

After the fall of Qing Dynasty,

Nationalist and Communist parties fought for power

Start of Communism in China

Back Ground

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Nationalism VS Communism

Key Characters


-Sun Yixian: leader of Kuomintang,


-Kuomintang: Nationalist Party

-Mao Zedong: Founder of Chinese

Communist Party

-Jiang Jieshi: Successor of Sun, Nationalist

…And the Battle Begins



VS The Chinese

Communist Party

Sun Yixian

Sun Yixian formed a Nationalist group,


-Kuomintang overthrew the Qing


-Sun became president of China(1912).

Three Principles of People




Sun’s Ideas: “Three Principles of


Nationalism: no more foreign rule

Democracy: give people rights

Economic security

Sun only lasted for 6 weeks as the president.

Yuan Shikai

Yuan Shikai overthrew

Sun and became president


-No more democracy:

Military Rule

Local Revolts

Yuan died (1916)

Chaos in China

Chaos in China (1916)

-The government of China lost its power.

-Warlords stole from peasants.

-Constant civil wars

-Peasants died of hunger.

WWI and China

Meanwhile, Europe was in WWI

-China’s government declared war against Germany.

-Thought the Allies would give back the

German colonies in China

-Treaty of Versailles: Allies gave the

German colonies to Japan

The Chinese were Outraged..

Nationalists allies with


May Fourth Movement

Mao Zedong forms the Chinese

Communist Party

Jiang Jieshi

Jiang Jieshi (a.k.a. Chiang Kai-shek) took over the Kuomintang.

Jiang betrayed the Communists and massacred the Chinese Communist

Party (1927).

Jiang becomes president of


The Rise of Mao Zedong

Jiang’s government was a failure

Peasants supported the Chinese

Communist Party.

Mao Zedong’s Revolution:

-“Swimming in the peasant-sea”

-A Communist revolution based on the support from peasants

-Mao led the Red Army

Mao Zedong

“The force of peasantry is like that of the raging winds and driving rain. It is rapidly increasing in violence. No force can stand in its way. The peasantry will tear apart all nets which bind it and hasten along the road to liberation.

They will bury beneath them all forces of imperialism, militarism, corrupt officialdom, village bosses, and evil


Start of Communism

Mao’s Revolution=Marxist Ideas

Mao’s Chinese Communist Party was the start of Communism in China.

China is still a Communist country.

China’s Communist views have caused tension between Democratic

Western Nations VS Communist


The Long March

Civil War (1930): Mao Zedong (Communists) vs Jiang Jieshi (Nationalists)

1933~1934 – Jiang’s Nationalist army grows

-Jiang repeatedly attacks the Communists and surrounds them

The Long March: Mao and his Communist army running away from the Nationalists

Japan Invades China

1928: Japan and China goes to war

-Japan takes control of a small part in


Jiang is forced to make the "United Front" with the Communist party to fight against


1937: Japan started an all out invasion against China by crossing Korea to


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