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The Giver: The Lost (and Last) Chapter
Because Lois Lowry leaves the ending of the story ambiguous, it is time to add clarity…
Idea: You will write an additional chapter—Chapter 24—that answers any lingering
questions the reader may have.
Consider the following questions as you brainstorm your chapter:
Do Jonas and Gabriel survive?
Have they found Elsewhere? If so, what is Elsewhere like? How do they fit in?
If not, where are they? What happens to them?
If they die, does anyone discover them? Or do they freeze into human popsicles?
(I hope not, but it could be interesting…)
Either way, make your ending clear.
Use your imagination.
And use the same third-person narration as Lowry.
And please remember: show don’t tell…
Please consult the following traits before writing: Ideas, Organization, Fluency, Word
Additionally, you will create an image to accompany your chapter. Even if you are from
the school of stick figures, you will create something brilliant. Possible ideas include…
A drawing (using colored pencils or pens)
A photo collage (but not a single photo because that lacks creativity)
A diorama or some such 3-D object that you then photograph (Check out
www.thomasdemand.info and click on images for inspiration)
A loop of video images (think music video without the music)
Please consult the following trait before creating your image: Presentation
Note: Whatever image you provide will be projected on the screen when you read your
piece to the class.
DUE MONDAY DEC. 16, 2013