Written Assignment - Radiographic Equipment and Image Recording 1 (HDR104)
This task will contribute 10% to your carry marks.
Group Assignment (at least 3 members per group)
Step 1: Choose only ONE topic from the list below. Each group MUST choose a
different topic.
(a) Describe how kVp and mAs affect contrast and density.
(b) Describe Automatic Film Processor.
(c) Describe the construction of a cassette.
(d) Describe how grid affects contrast.
(e) Describe an intensifying screen.
(f) Describe Anode Heel Effect.
(g) Discuss the specifications of darkroom.
Step 2: Write a literature review essay.
Submit a literature review essay of about 500 words.
Please put the WORD COUNT at the last page.
(Arial, 11-size font, 1.5 spacing, justify, front cover, contents, references – APA)
Minimum TWO books or online materials of your choice related to your topic.
Any plagiarism is not allowed.
Due Date: Week 5 (Before 2pm)
Any late submission will be penalized with deduction 1 mark per day.