World War I fill-in-the-blank Review Militarism, alliances, imperialism

World War I fill-in-the-blank Review
1. Militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism were the primary causes of ____________
__________ ___.
2. The two alliance systems involved in World War I were the _______________ _______________
and the _________________ __________________.
3. The Triple Entente was made up of ____________________, ______________________,
________________, and eventually the ______________________.
4. The Triple Alliance was made up of _________________, ____________-____________, and the
__________________ _________________.
5. Major leaders of World War I included
a. Triple Entente
i. _______________ _____________-President of the U.S.
ii. Raymond Poincare- France
iii. _______ ______________ ____ - Russia
iv. King George V – England
b. Triple Alliance
i. ________ _____________ ____ - Germany
ii. _____________ _______________ - Austria Hungary
iii. Abdul Hamid II - Turkey
The event that sparked the start of World War I was the assassination of ____________
___________ ____________________.
_______________ _________________ developed during World War I and eventually caused a
___________________ (meaning that no side gained land).
In the early stages of World War I, the United States maintained a policy of
__________________. The U.S. traded with both sides, eventually causing Britain to redefine
the term ____________________. Contraband was redefined to include ______________ and
other wartime __________________.
During World War I, the Germans used ___-___________ to control the seas. The U.S. and Allies
felt that this was violating the ____________ __ ________ _______________, but the U.S. still
maintained the policy of neutrality. Eventually, German u-boat warfare caused the _______ to
enter World War I.
Although ___________ _____________ won the Election of 1916 on the campaign slogan “He
kept us out of war”, the __________ eventually entered World War I after German u-bouts sunk
the ___________________________.
The two primary causes of U.S. entry into World War I were the _________________________
_______________ and the ________________ _______________.
The _______________ ______________ was sent to Mexico by the Germans in an effort to
bring Mexico into the war. The ______________ __________ promised lands in TX, NM, and AZ
would be returned to Mexico if they entered the war.
In order to combat the attacks of German submarine, the u-boats, the ______________
_____________ was used to escort ships across the Atlantic.
World War I fill-in-the-blank Review
14. The Espionage and Sedition Acts, which prohibited __________________________________,
was challenged in the Supreme Court case , _______________ ___. _________________.
15. The __________________ ____________________ of 1917 forced Russia to leave the war. The
Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian government in Russia and established _________________ as
a form of government. As a result, ____________ would not be included in the peace talks
following World War I.
16. In order to increase enlistment in the military, Congress passed the _______________
_____________ ___________, which established a military draft.
17. During World War I, Americans were asked to _______________________ resources. Many
Americans gave up meat, heat, electricity, fuel, corsets, and other things that would help the
war effort.
18. On ____________________________________ an armistice was signed ending World War I.
19. President _____________________ __________________ outlined his postwar goals in the
_________________ ________________ _______________.
20. The _______________ ____ _____________________ was signed to end World War I. The U.S.
never signed the Treaty of Versailles to end World War I because Republican senators opposed
the _______________ __ _______________. The fight to avoid this treaty was led by Senator
21. The _______________ __ ____________________ created nine new nations, included a
____________ ____________ _____________ which blamed Germany for the war, and forced
Germany to pay huge sums of ______________________________. As a result of the way that
______________________ was punished by the Treaty of Versailles, ___________ _________
_____ would take place.