WWI Quiz

World History/Intro to WWI/Section I Pages 840-844
Historians generally cite four long-term causes of the First World War: _____________,
____________, ________________, and The Alliance System
2. _______________ is a deep devotion to one’s country.
3. ___________________ is a period of time where Europe competed fiercely for colonies in
Africa and Asia.
4. __________________ is glorifying the military and building a large standing army during
times of peace.
5. _____________ was the leader of Germany and related to Queen Victoria and Nicholas II.
6. The Triple Alliance included the countries of _________________ ,
___________________ and _______________________ . Two of these counties along
with the Ottoman Empire would later be known as the ______________ powers.
7. The Triple Entente included the countries of __________________ ,
__________________ , and _______________________ . These countries along with
several other countries would later be known as the ________________ powers.
8. The event the started World War One was the
__________________________________________________ .
Crisis in the Balkans
9. Why were the Balkans considered the so-called “Powder Keg of Europe”?
10. What were the reasons of the hostility between Austria-Hungary and Serbia?
11. What single event set in motion the start of World War I?
Diagram of World War I Trench (Spring 1915-1918)
12. What is “No Man’s Land and how wide is it?”
13. What does the Artillery Battery accomplish?
14. What was life like for soldiers during trench warfare? (Read page 376)