Summer Programs for HS & MS students

Summer Programs for HS & MS* students
This is a list of summer programs and opportunities available for high school students in institutions in the United States and Puerto Rico. I created this list after
the many requests I got over the years from my students asking for ideas to do during their summers. That means that the topics on this list are the ones I
teach or I am familiar with, that doesn't mean the programs include many others to choose from. I am not affiliated to any of these institutions, except Saint
John’s School, school where I teach at. I spent some time on google searching for options to add to the list and also got some suggestions from fellow
teachers. If you wish to collaborate with this list make sure you send your suggestions to [email protected] Keep checking periodically as I will continue to add
*Middle School programs only when specified
American Museum of Natural History
High School Summer Science Institute
Nature, Research
Baylor University
High School Summer Science Research Program
Boston University
Boston University Summer Term
Biology, Biomedical Engineering,
Medical Lab Research, Psychology
Boston University /
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
SEA Summer Session
Brown University
Continuing Eduction; Pre-College Programs
Anthropology, Medicine,
Environment, Public Health
Brown University
Online Pre-College Courses for High School Students
DNA Science, Anatomy
Carnegie Mellon
SAMS: The Summer Academy for Mathematics and Science
Engineering, Math, Physics
Clemson University
Summer Scholars (formerly known as Summer Science)
Animal & Medical Science,
Bioengineering, Biology, Ecology
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
DNA Learning Center Summer Camps
Genetics Education
Columbia University
School of Continuing Education
Biomed Engineering, Genetics,
Molecular Bio, Conservation
Cornell University
School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions
Environment, Medicine, Research,
Vet, Animal Science, Psychology
Department of Navy Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program Engineering
Fundación García Rinaldi
Programa de Verano para Estudiantes de Medicina y Escuela Superior
(Puerto Rico)
Georgetown University
School of Continuing Studies
Medicine, Forensic Science
Michigan Tech
Summer Youth Program
Ecology, Forensic Science, Forensic
Science, Medicine, Bioengineering
Minority Introduction to Engineering and Science (MITES)
Biology, Biochem, Genomics,
MIT Science Technology Engineering & Match (STEM)
Middle School
Women’s Technology Program
Electrical and Mechanical
MIT, Center for Excellence in Education
Research Science Institute
Research, Biology Olympiad
NASA Glenn Research Center
Lewis' Educational & Research Collaborative Internship HS Project
Engineering, Science and
Cleveland, Ohio Mathematics (STEM)
Notre Dame Pre-College Programs
Ecology, Env. Science,
Molecular Genetics and Pre-Med
Saint John’s School
Summer Program
(Puerto Rico) Email [email protected]
Stanford University
Education Program for Gifted Youth Biotech, BioScience, Environmental
& Earth Science, Middle School
Stanford University
Office of Science Outreach
Medicine, Biomedical, Math
Stanford University
Stanford Medical Youth Science Program
Several, by states
National Youth Leadership Forum
Medicine, Forensic Crime
Solving (not as a science)
The Roxbury Latin School
Advanced Biotechnology Institute
University of California, Berkeley
Summer High-School Apprenticeship Research Program (SHARP)
Bio-engineering, Physics,
Chemistry, Nanotechnology
University of Chicago
Research in the Biological Sciences
Molecular, cellular, microbiological
research techniques
University of Michigan
Michigan Math & Science Scholar
Anatomy, Ecology, Genomics,
Forensic Physics
University of Michigan
The Society of Women Engineers
University of Michigan
Women In Science and Engineering
Biomedical Engineering, LEGO,
Genetics, Ecology, Engineering
University of New England
Summer Early College Coastal Marine Ecology Program
Marine Biology, Ecology
University of New England
Summer Early College Neuroscience Program
Neuroanatomy, Pharmacology,
Animal Behavior
University of Pennsilvania
Penn Summer
Biomedical Research, Physics
Scholarships & Competitions
Dartmouth College
International Science Essay Competition
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Hispanic-Serving Institutions National Program