Females in STEM Fields Summary

Females in STEM Fields Summary
This evaluation is one of many initial research initiatives designed to gather data,
identify findings, and make recommendations that align with the Practical Knowledge
Group's focus to promote a data-driven/learning organization culture within higher
education. Its basis is to focus on various aspects of the community college system in
order to continually improve services to individuals seeking to expand their knowledge
and develop the skills needed to succeed in today's working world.
This quantitative study investigated whether and to what extent the
motivational and sociocultural factors affect female Asian American high school physics
students’ achievement, their intended major in college, and their planned career goals
at work fields. A self-report survey, extracted from subscales of AAMAS,STPQ and PSE,
were conducted with about 300 urban high school physics students in Los Angeles
county in an effort to better inform current academic practitioners how to better serve
this population. Correlational matrix, t-tests and chi-square tests were used for data
analysis. A main effect of gender was found on expectancy-related beliefs, choice of
intended college major and planned career choice. A significant effect for Asian
American students of different immigration status was also found on their physics selfefficacy, acculturation and enculturation. Parental educational levels also have a main
effect on Asian American physics students’ expectancy for success, acculturation and
It is in the hope that these findings can provide a deeper insight in understanding
the motivational and sociocultural factors that affect female Asian American high
schoolers in order to enhance their interests and participation rate in physics as well as
to increase the headcount to study in college and work in physics and engineering fields.