Objectives 1 - 16
Objective 1
• Define radioactivity and
distinguish between natural and
Objective 2
• Explain Transmutation
Objective 3
• List three radioactive
Objective 4
• Describe what each emission is
composed of and how they
differ from each other with
respect to mass, charge,
penetrating power, and ionizing
Objective 5
• Tell what happens to an element
that undergoes alpha decay, beta
decay, or gamma decay
Objective 6
• Discuss the process used to
separate the three types of
radioactive emissions
Separation of Particles
Objective 7
• Discuss half life and use Table
N to find half lives of various
radioactive isotopes
Objective 8
• Calculate half life and fraction
remaining from various word
Half life questions
• How many grams of a 20 gram sample of iodine131 remain after 24.21 days?
• What is the half life of a radioisotope if 2.5 grams
of a 160 gram sample remains after 108 years?
• If it takes 17190 years for a sample of a
radioactive isotope to decay from 100 grams to
12.5 grams, what is the identity of the atom?
Objective 9
• Solve for unknowns in nuclear
Objective 10
• Define and explain mass defect
Objective 11
• Define bonding energy
Objective 12
• Explain the basic difference
between a fission reaction and a
fusion reaction
Objective 13
• Explain how a chain reaction
Objective 14
• Discuss the difference between
a fission reactor in a nuclear
bomb and the one in a nuclear
fission reactor
Objective 15
• Give the details of a fusion
Objective 16
• List the three places fusion
reactions occur