AP Biology
Cell Organelle Functions
Match the statement to the correct organelle/inclusion. Organelles/Inclusions may be used more than once.
_____________ Converts radiant energy into chemical energy
_____________ Contains folds called cristae
_____________ Composed of cis- and trans- sides
_____________ Contains hydrolytic enzymes
_____________ Oxidates by transferring hydrogen from various liquids to oxygen
_____________ Composed of thylakoids, grana, and stroma
_____________ Decreases the amount of cytoplasm in a plant cell, stores large amounts of water
_____________ Cell Wall Structure which allows water to flow into plant cells
_____________ Contains both DNA and ribosomes
_____________ Synthesis of oils, waxes, and steroids
_____________ Location of free ribosomes
_____________ Composed of microtubules, responsible for “wagging movement”
_____________ Responsible for muscle contraction, formation of cleavage furrows, amenoid movements
_____________ Site of the Kreb’s cycle and Electron Transport Chain
_____________ Location of Glycolysis and translation
_____________ Responsible for apoptosis, intracellular digestion, and recycling of cell components
_____________ Only apparent during metaphase and anaphase, casts spindle fibers to attach to the centromere
_____________ Composed of lipids and proteins, regulates exit/entry into the cell
_____________ Contains bound ribosomes, produces proteins
_____________ Site of rRNA production and ribosome synthesis
_____________ Comes in the form of food, central, and contractile
_____________ Modifies and packages polypeptides which will be secreted
_____________ Structure responsible for conjugation in Prokaryotes
_____________ DNA circlets found in prokaryotes; responsible for adaptations and genetic information exchange