Daily Review: (copy down problem)
1. Each sheet of metal is 1.8 inches thick. If
Onika stacks 2.5 sheets on top of each other,
how thick will the stack be?
2. A train traveled at the same speed for 4.4
hours. It went 6.6 miles in all. How fast was
the train going?
Real-Life Math
BIRDS: the roadrunner is the state bird of New
Mexico. Roadrunners prefer running to flying. It
would take 4 hours for a roadrunner to run
about 54 miles.
• Use the information to find how many miles a
roadrunner can run in one hour.
Guided Practice
A ratio of two
measurements having
different kinds of units
Example 2: What are the
different units?
180 words in 3 minutes
$12 for 3 pounds
Dollars and pounds are the
different units
Non- Examples
Guided Practice
When a rate is simplified
so that it has a
denominator of 1.
Example 2: Write each
ratio as a unit rate.
180 words in 3 minutes
$3 per pound, which
means $3 per 1 pound
Non- Examples
Independent Practice
• Task 1: *Remediation for comprehensive test units 1 &
2 (students will correct problems they missed for half
• Task 2: Complete questions 20-24 (Glencoe pg. 382383) & math book pg. 405 (1-3)
• Task 3: What’s your rate activity?
• Task 4: http://www.quia.com/cb/195515.html (use
• Task 5: Crosswalk
• Task 6: Common Core Clinics
• Task 7: State Task TE pgs. 16-17 (1-15)
Explain the difference
between a unit rate and rate