Copy Editor AP Style Test
Please edit the following two articles for grammar, punctuation, design, and AP style—both
micro and macro editing—which is the style we use in Valley. (If you don’t already have a
copy of the AP stylebook, I highly recommend picking it up not just for this editing test, but
for writing for Valley in general.)
Clearly, these are AP wire stories, but please avoid the temptation to look them up on the
Internet. Please be confident in your own editing skills — you can look up any rules on
grammar, AP style, whatever, but just don’t look up the actual articles for the answers.
Type your name below as a “signature” promising that you have not looked at the
original versions of these articles online. You’re on the honor code.
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First article:
15 Things Everyone Should Know
About Relationships
1. You have to share the same values. If you have differing opinions on Coldplay; or you
don't share the same sleep number, you’ll probably be okay. But no long term
relationship can survive if you don't agree on things like when to seriouslly start saving
money to by a home, when to turn off your cell phones and spend time with your
families, and whether or not to have kids.
2. Only you can deside what's best for you and your relationship. Ask you’re friends and
family for advice all you want-and listen to it! They know you and love you — but if your
heart is telling you to do the opposite, listen to it.
3. Show your hottay you care about the things he cares about. Here’s a great rule. if one of
you cares about it, it isn’t stupid. (Even if it's stupid)!
4. The couples who stay together forever work though the things that could break them up.
No relationship is perfect or without the occasional blow-up; but the couples who stay
together for decades and decades are the ones whom take the rough times in stride and
always prioritize their commitment to each other over fights and hard times.
5. Sex matters. Sex is a physical way to show the person you love how much you care about
them. It's doesn't have to be your number 1 priority all the time, but neither of you will be
happy if you hit the 3 year mark and it becomes your last priority all the time.
6. Sometimes when one person life majorly changes, they values change. Moving cities for a
job or school, losing a parent, or getting a huge promotion at work can change how a
person approaches life. If this happens and you find that your values no longer align, its fine
to move on and find someone who is on the same page as you.
7. DON'T SNOOP. If you'r insecure, talk about it. Snooping always backfires. Always!
Story 2:
2 injured in State College stabbing, 3 Penn State students facing charges
3 Penn State students were charged early Saturday morning in connection with a stabing in
down town State College.
Brandon D. Frick, twenty one, a student at the Altoona campus, was charged with agravated
assault, simple assault, terroristic threats, posession of instrument of crime and recklessly
endangering. He’s definitely guilty.
Robert W. Donaldson, 22, and William D. Stranburg, 21, were each charged with terroristic
threats, possession of instrument of crime and recklessly endangering.
State College police said that at 2:42 am, officers were dispatched to 220 East Foster
Avenue. for a report that an individual had been stabbed and injured.
Upon arrival, officers found that two 22 year old man had suffered injuries to their backs
from what appeared to have been a knife or other edged weapon, according to a police
1 of the victims had a stab wound, and the other a minor incision and an injury to his face.
Both men are college students from other campuses who were visiting for the weekend,
police said.
Upon further investigation, officers found that the two victims went to the residence to visit
a female friend. They went to the third floor of the residence and were met at the door by
several men who told the victims to leave, police said.
One of the victims attempted to call the lady friend, at which time three men came out of
the residence, each armed with what the victims reported as knives, police said.
The 2 victims turned and began to run down the steps toward the front door, the police
report said.
As the victims attempted to flee, the male suspects allegedly stabbed and slashed at the
One victim was stabbed in the middle of his back, while the other suffered a cut around his
right shoulder blade and had a bruised left eye, police said.
One victim was taken to the Mount Nittany Medical Center and later flown to UPMC
Altoona for treatment of the knife injury, according to police. The other victim was also
taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center and received treatment there for his injuries, police
Both victims were treated and released from the hospital by Saturday afternoon.
Donaldson and Stranburg were each arraigned before District Judge Steven Lachman and
released on two thousand dollars unsecured bail. A preliminary hearing will be held
Wednesday for each.
Frick was arraigned before Lachman and placed in the centre county prison on $10,000
straight bail. Frick’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for wednesday, as well.
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