American Pageant Chapter 6: Duel for the North

American Pageant Chapter 6: Duel for the North American Continent
French and Indian War/ Seven Years War
1. Briefly summarize the difference between the French experiences in North America with that
of the British in each area:
Political participationPopulation growth and settlementReligious orthodoxy
Economic systemRelations with Native Americans2. What were the results of the British victory in Queen Anne’s War and the Treaty of Utrecht?
3. Which American colonies were most affected by the War of Jenkin’s Ear?
4. Which American colonies were most affected by King George’s War?
5. Why did the Ohio River Valley become a source of conflict between the French and English?
Fort Duquesne
6. What was the Washington family’s interest in the Ohio Valley?
George Washington- his role and outcome of his actions:
Fort Necessity
7. What happened to the French Acadians?
8. What was the goal and what were the features of the Albany Plan of Union?
9. What was Franklin’s role in the Albany Plan?
10. Why did the plan meet with opposition from some colonies?
11. Why did the plan meet with opposition from London?
General William Braddock
12. How did Braddock feel about colonial methods of warfare?
13. What caused Braddock’s defeat?
14. What was the problem with Britain’s strategy in the war?
William Pitt
15. How did Pitt change the conduct of the war after Braddock’s defeat?
Battle of Quebec
16. Who won the war?
17. What significant changes in geopolitical boundaries ( national lines on the map)resulted
from this war?
Treaty of Paris of 1763
18. How did the war affect:
- American military confidence?
-British officers’ respect for the American militia?
-British respect for American patriotism during the war?
19. How had Pitt secured American cooperation for the war effort?
20. Explain the affects of the war on colonial unity and interdependence.
21. Read the Burnaby quotation on p. 120: Did the British think Americans would unite?
22. Explain how the end of the war might have spurred American ideas of independence.
23. What were effects of the peace treaty on Indians?
Pontiac’s Rebellion
24. What were the immediate and long term British reactions to Pontiac’s Rebellion?
Proclamation of 1763
25. Did Americans obey the Proclamation?
26. How did the Proclamation of 1763 increase tension between Britain and her colonies?