Water Conflict

Resource Depletion &
Dominik McCreary
Braden Hawkins
Lauren Bailey
Elton Austin
Water is one of our most precious and vital resources. It is a
necessity for all life. Every day we depend on it and interact with
water in some way or another whether it is industrially, in
agriculture, developments, recreation or human consumption. In the
past and even now we can’t imagine a day without water being an
important need in our lives. Think about how much we use water
each and everyday for various reason and multiply that by the
amount of people in the world. Yes, that is a lot of water needed.
Globally to some degree issues has occur because of polluted
waters. If the pollution persists long enough bacteria will build
creating dead zones according to St. Petersburg Times World and
Nation Online (Hurricane Katrina article). Can we fix this problem
and if we can how? In answer to the urgent need for clean water is
to educate our citizens on the issues and implications of our water
scarcity crisis. The goal of this research paper is to raise awareness
and educate the public on the water scarcity issues we all face.
The water problem has come in the recent years
to the forefront in the relations among the
countries of the Middle East. It also occupies an
important place in the agenda of several
international organizations. Main characteristics
of the problem may be highlighted as follows:
• Current water resources in the Middle East have
become insufficient to meet the needs.
• The scarcity of the water will continue to increase in
future as the population grows and consumption per
head of inhabitant augments.
• As a result, water is likely to become the cause of
conflict among the countries of the region.
Water and the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict:
Competition or Cooperation?
• Israel and Palestine, struggle over water
involves, not only economic and distribution
issues, but central political, legal, and
territorial claims as well.
• For example: Palestinians have to buy their
water from Israel.
• Water scarcity increasing faster then expected:
• Water usage over the past 100 years.
Global Water Issues
Overall environment
Contaminated Sediment in Water
Species Affected
Effect on People
• Unsafe drinking water
• Water related diseases
Water Conflict
• Causes of Conflict
• International Conflicts
• United States Conflicts
International Conflict
Middle East
• Jordan River Basin
• Tigris-Euphrates Basin
• War-fare in Iraq
• Volta River, Zambezi River, and the Niger Basin
• The Nile River Basin
• Indus River Basin
• Ganges River
US Conflicts
Western United States
California’s Central Valley
The Pacific Northwest
The Colorado River Basin
The Great Plains Region
Oregon/California Conflict
Great Lakes Conflict
Water Usage Survey
Survey questioned 100 Bluffton students
regarding their use of water:
Drinking water
Bathroom usage
Toilet flushing
Brushing teeth
Males shaving
Action Plan
What can the United States do?
• Financing
• Alternative Water Sources
• Water Conservation Incentive Programs
Action Plan
What can we as individuals do here in
– Limit and Prevent Wasted Water
• Toilet
• Bathing
• Kitchen Use
• Appliances
• Lawn Care
• Other Miscellaneous Uses