Exam 1 Study Guide

Renaissance and Reformation Study Guide
***Please write on a separate piece of paper***
***Use book and notes to fill out***
Please describe the Renaissance. What does it mean in French?
What is a Renaissance Man/woman?
Please describe the formation of the Black Death and how it spread
throughout Europe. What were the symptoms?
What major artist is known as the Renaissance Man? What were his
major accomplishments?
Who is Martin Luther?
What are the 95 Theses?
What did Martin Luther do on October 31, 1517?
The reformation was a cause of indulgences. What are indulgences?
What were the Social, Political, Economic, and Religious Causes of the
How many wives did Henry VIII have? Which daughter ends up
becoming Queen of England?
What was the final decision of the Council of Trent?
Why did the Protestant Reformation happen in England?
What special doctrine did John Calvin preach about? What did this
doctrine teach about?
Please describe the Medici Family and their importance.
Who invented the printing press? What did the printing press create
throughout society?
Please describe the importance of Machiavelli.
What is Humanism? Why is it so important?
What does Secular mean?
Please describe Vernacular.
What is the Decameron? Who wrote it?
What major playwright came to light during the Renaissance in London,
Please describe Renaissance Art and its main components. Who were
the ‘main four’ artists?
Please define Francesco Petrarch.
ESSAYS (one of these will show up on the Exam)
The following essay should be substantial – you will need at least two
good paragraphs to successfully describe the answer to the question.
1. Write a detailed essay explaining how and why the Protestant
Reformation was begun by Luther and the main events which occurred
during that period of history. Be sure to include information regarding
why the Catholic Church’s position had been undermined and the spark
that caused Luther begin his rebellion.
2. Describe to me how the Renaissance began and the characteristics
which distinguished this period of history from the Medieval period
which came before. Be sure to include the sparks which led to this
flowering of culture as well as the ways in which one is able to know
that history had entered a new period. You may mention education, art,
particular people, and human activities to back up your assertions.